Well, tyre punctures never really come with the attributes ‘when’, ‘how’, ‘why’ or ‘where’? They’re an inevitable possibility at the most inopportune time or place that most of you either face or had faced in your daily lives.

How about a solution where you can drive even with your punctured tyres? Sounds thought-provoking isn’t it? These are Run-flat or self-supporting tyres designed to resist deflation effects on being punctured, allowing your vehicle to ride at a reduced speed of 70-80mph enabling you to keep driving for a considerable time frame until pulling onto a safe exit. Are run-flat tyres a worthy choice?

Run-Flat Tyres: Worth The Choice?

Edmunds data reveal 14% of most premium luxurious cars use standard run-flat and Car Tyres Leicester and thus the overall percentage of their use seems to have hit a plateau over the last five or six years given their three distinct types and technological attributes:

Self-supporting run-flat tyres: They feature a reinforced sidewall construction enabling the tyre to rest on it instead of the rim, enabling it to continue to operate even in the event of air loss. Thus, averting injury to the wheel rim they provide a stiff ride quality simultaneously limiting the absorption capacity.

Equipped especially on armoured cars, auxiliary supported run-flat tyres with their tough bulletproof stiff reinforcement is highly puncture-resistant tyres with a robust additional support hard rubber ring attached to the wheel aids in carrying the vehicle’s weight even with heavy loads at a high speed during a loss of air pressure.

Improved fuel mileage

While the absence of a spare wheel or tyre, you get additional boot space, lighter weight and this increased fuel-economy.

Run-flat Tyres: On a Second Thought

While run-flat tyres have exceptional technological attributes compared to conventional tyres, they also possess several drawbacks that can indulge you to give a second thought whether they’re worth the investment. Let’s check out the flaws:

Possibility of Tyre Blowouts

Although given the unique attribute of withstanding a vehicle’s weight with or without a heavy load to relatively run at a high speed, run-flat tyres may only be used in vehicles equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), for such a system, alerts the driver no sooner one of the tyres loses air pressure which otherwise running at a zero-pressure range beyond the said speed limitation can lead the tyre to disintegrate, as you’ll never realise when you have a flat tyre, thus there’s a 50-50 blowout possibility.

A Tough ride

Though you might have an increased boot space in the absence of a spare wheel or 4×4 tyres Leicester, your driving can be a tougher one with the stiff sidewall construction that run-flat tyres feature.

To provide you with a hassle-free and smooth driving experience, a majority of tyre makers make sure to produce excellent tyres with exceptionally higher speed levels, enabling you to drive for more than 180 miles per hour, suiting both your on and off-road requirements especially on muddy terrains with greater efficiency and a high traction capacity.