Qatar Airways Offer Customized Services for Kids to Fly Comfortably

Are you traveling through an airline with kids? It must be your foremost priority to provide the little ones comfortable, entertaining and highly engaged journey. For this purpose, explore the available facilities offered by the various airways and select the one that gives access to family friendly facilities and play area in the airport and a variety of in-flight entertainments to make the trip an epic adventure. Make use of Qatar Airways Voucher Code to get customized services and fulfill dietary needs for kids.

Appetizing fun-filled Servings

When your children get hungry, the best airlines offer the meal boxes having nutritious, flavorsome and fresh meal, fun treats and fresh fruit juices. It is exciting for kids to keep their meal boxes and bring the fun making moments and remember their trip. For getting the desired meal for kids, it is recommended to order the meal at the time of booking their tickets.

Colorful Kits

When kids get on board, great airlines welcome the little world through interactive traveler pack containing educational and creative kits based on stickers and crayons. There are activity books having coloring pages, fun facts and puzzles to pass time in an exciting way. While travelling with babies, soft and sweet sleep time plush toys are provided.

Kids are given opportunity to begin the fun making journey just after reaching the airport. Mac stations where interactive activities are offered. Family rooms are available where parents can stay and meet infants or kids’ needs. Receive Qatar Airways Voucher Code for getting access to indoor temperature controlled sanitized swimming pools so parents can spend a few hours on airport in a stress-free way.

Area to Stretch Out

Whether kids are in their home or traveling abroad, they demand spacious area to sit, eat, play, stretch out and sleep. Whether you are traveling through business or economy class, spacious seats are provided for an enjoyable and relaxed journey.

Kids’ Programs

Video games, educational programs, cartoons, rhymes and kids movies are enough to make a few hours full of life. Disney, Cartoon Network and Baby TV give interactive experience to little ones. Kids club gives access to character cartoon and plush toys for an unforgettable journey. Dual face interface is offered on aircrafts like Boeing B787, A380 and Airbus A350. Little travelers are given choice to browse content or play their favorite games from unlimited options on the screen.

Cradle for Infants

Do not get frustrated if you are traveling for the first time with an infant. The well-trained cabin crew on the best airlines makes it certain that your onboard time goes perfectly well. In addition to priority boarding to infants’ parents, bassinet seat and customized kits are given to parents containing baby food, diapers and toys to keep the baby comfortable. Bassinet seats are appropriate for infants to 2 years old babies.

Whether you are booking a ticket to celebrate special events with other family members or visiting your homeland, refer Qatar Airways Voucher Code to make traveling with children unperturbed and peaceful.