self-defense classes

Self-defense is important for all, that is, people of all ages and gender. There aren’t any particular martial arts that are defined to be most suitable for any certain age members only. To survive, one shall know how to protect self. Anyways, today let’s focus on why self-defense classes, Sydney and around the world are putting much emphasis on training seniors? What are some of the basic tips to avoid chances of getting attacked and which is the most effective martial arts for seniors to learn?

Why attend self-defense classes in Sydney? 

With age, we become slower and weaker which makes us the most vulnerable to attacks that are intended to steal from us or harm us. Thanks to the lord, several tactics and techniques are using which we can shield ourselves from such attacks and when required become dominant. Moreover, when you know how to defend yourself, it naturally boosts up your confidence taking off that look of a weak person. Attending self-defense classes in Sydney teaches you how to stay aware of your surroundings and focus on your safety by being alert. There are many health benefits that seniors can take advantage of while learning martial arts, such as, improving balance, coordination, stamina, strength, and flexibility which impact the health of the person overall.

Which is the most effective martial art for seniors?

According to experts in Sydney Krav Maga is one of the best martial arts for seniors to learn. Krav Maga is a street combat system rather than proper martial art which was developed by the Israeli military. Krav Maga teaches you accurately how to survive the attack and not just escape. As a major of the moves in Krav Maga does not rely on strength, speed, or flexibility, people of any age can opt for Sydney Krav Maga classes.

What are some useful techniques to repel an attack?

Even though you know how to prevent any dangerous attack, it isn’t always a guarantee that you can escape. Thus, it is important to know some useful techniques you can use to safeguard or defend yourself in a situation of danger.

Make noise

Shout, scream, blow a whistle or call for help loudly anything would be counted as making noise. Emergency tools and whistles are the best way to keep the attackers off the limits and get easily scared off.

Make anything and everything a weapon

Whatever you have in hand can be counted as a weapon from car keys, canned goods, or even a handbag. If you are in a park or road and can quickly pick a handful of sand or dirt, throw it straight in the attacker’s eyes. Carry pepper spray with you as it can cause extremely painful burning in the eyes and nose, this means that your attacker can go blind for a few minutes; meanwhile, you can easily escape. Stun guns are also great for attacking the threat.

Now that you have gone through the gist of what is taught at Sydney Krav Maga classes, what are you waiting for? Join self-defense classes in Sydney and know the best ways to protect yourself from damaging attackers.

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