Massage is a sensual experience, and it is one of the most intimate experiences that can be shared between two people. After receiving the message, he feels the soothing movement of the skillful hands, which slowly move up and down the body, flex the muscles, break the knots and make the person feel good.


Before you feel good during the massage, you need to set the tone. You can’t message and start rubbing. The mood needs to be adjusted to be effective, as it wouldn’t be as effective as it should be. First of all, the ground had to be prepared. Body Massage in Naif


Massage can be very soothing and sensual, but above all the environment must be optimal to achieve what you want in your message. The key to an ideal environment is to make it work all over the place. Sensual massage appeals not to one, but to the five senses.


A good massage environment begins with the ears. This does not mean that you do an ear massage first, but rather that you provide soothing music that will help the person receiving the massage. Hearing is one of the strongest senses and lasts the longest.


Create ambiance by connecting soothing sound. Soft classical music is a great way to help people relax. If there is no music player nearby, you can simulate the sound of rain or wind blowing through the grass. The soft, smooth sound of water falling on a fountain is also a good way to create a sound environment that relaxes and calms.


Our sense of sight is an important factor in achieving a wonderful massage. It is the feeling we rely on the most in our daily life. It is important for us to use this sense, but if we abuse it during the massage, we risk overloading our feelings and distracting you from the massage itself.


The darkness is too much and can be too stressful for someone getting a massage. Instead of eliminating the light, it would be wise to use only a little light as light from a lava lamp or scented candles.


The aroma plays an important role in the massage itself. Aromatherapy candles are the first thing masseurs can use to improve the scent. Using scented massage oils is probably the best way to incorporate smell into the massage environment. It is in close proximity to your body, so it is absorbed more quickly through the skin and nose.


The nose is also a major component of our sense of taste. Although you don’t put the oil directly in your mouth, you still get its taste through your nose. Of course, the tea at the end of the massage is important punctuation for the sensual massage experience. Massage Center in Al Jafiliya


Finally, massage mainly concerns the sensation of touch. The most effective massage is when the recipient is feeling slow, in love with the hits. Each touch, if done correctly, will combine the most sensual experience you have ever had. All five senses are energized to provide you with an experience you won’t soon forget.