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When we talk about diaper covers, you should choose the right one. These diaper covers are specially intended for protecting your baby’s diaper and to wick away any extra moisture, may leak from the diaper. However, you need to consider the size, color, moisture ability and how much a diaper cover costs. These quality cloth diaper covers are made from cloth that lasts long, are extremely permeable and they are quite inexpensive as compared to disposable covers so that they would come within your budget.

Most often people ask that do I need cloth diaper covers. Well, it depends on the type of cloth diaper you are using. The diaper covers are specially aimed at keeping the diaper from leaking onto the clothing as they are usually made of a water-resistant material. It can be worn all day over the diaper without changing with the diaper. They can also cover up boring white diapers.

Customers can buy these covers in various colors and prints as per their choice and it can add a style to your baby’s diaper. As we mentioned above that using diaper covers depends on the sort of cloth diaper. If it is a regular all cloth diaper such as cotton prefold, you must have cloth diaper covers for your diaper. It will keep the baby’s mess that may possibly go through the diaper onto their clothes.

EcoBear Baby Diaper Cover (One Size)

· No stuffing needed — fits with any insert (sold separately)

· Double gusset covers prevent diaper leaks

· Three rows of easy-to-adjust snaps allow for a proper fit

· Snug, durable elastic = gentler, secure fit with no gaps

· One size fits babies from 18–40lbs+

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

· Paired with your favorite inserts or prefolds

· very adjustable — high quality hook & loop closures with an innovative overlap design ensure a custom fit

· soft piping around hook & loop protects baby’s belly

· the medium size has rise snaps for a more precise fit during the transition between sizes

· available in a variety of iconic prints

· durable elastic around legs and tummy

· Waterproof laminate is inserted between two layers of polyester, for additional toughness (durable enough to survive industrial washing!)

· soft, smooth knit bindings for a comfortable, flexible fit and leak-protection

· fold-back wash tabs protect laundry from rogue hook & loop closures

· the generous cut — suitable for any type of diaper, including flats, prefolds & fitted

· healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from fabrics made in the USA

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