As the name says, mobile-friendly websites are mainly designed and optimised for all mobile users. Not everyone is in front of their PC or laptop every time, and that is why; developers have started a new trend by creating a mobile-friendly website. This is easy to operate and simple to access. One can check a website anywhere without any hassle.

Now, if you want to boost your business’s performance and elevate the ranking in Google, then you must think about generating a beautiful website. To create a website design is not a piece of cake, and that is why; making a deal with the best website development agency will be advantageous. But when you think of creating a site, you need to ensure that it is mobile-friendly. Here, following a few simple steps will help you to make your useful mobile-friendly website.

  1. Media Queries

No, you don’t need to talk to a reporter here, but ‘media’ refers to what you are delivering to your users. Media queries considered as one of the trendy techniques, which is used in a website. It ensures that you can send a customised sheet to various devices.

It lets you ask a device what size this is, and then direct the browser to display things following the set of CSS you have set. Though media queries are quite famous nowadays, you will have to ensure that this is configured in every device equally.

  1. Do Not Disable the Submit Button

Though mobile devices are extremely popular, numbers of them are still not trustworthy. And it becomes an annoying factor for the mobile users who click the ‘submit’ option and then see the button gets dissolve automatically so that they cannot try again.

So, when you are creating a mobile-friendly website, you should make a deal with a renowned and reliable WordPress website development. They will assist you with the details of generating a good website so that your users do not get disappointed.

  1. Responsive Theme on CMS

When you create a mobile-friendly website, this is important to ensure that you use a mobile-friendly template or responsive themes. These kinds of templates ensure that a user gets to see a high-quality display. It attracts more potential customers and never let them down with the quality.

Numbers of companies overlook this factor, but they should not. A company has to keep in mind that it is not about how simple it is to code, but it must be user-friendly. If your users are delighted with the quality that you are proving, you will generate more revenues than ever. The responsive themes are quite amazing for the casual website design, and they don’t need a lot of personalisation.

  1. You Can Use Percentages

There was a time when people only used to think about pictures in terms of pixels. But nowadays, the idea has got changed. The website design companies use various resolutions on their mobile devices. It ensures that a single size for a particular image is not acceptable at all. You need to create various sizes for images so that your users do not get annoyed with the quality.

One needs to configure things like images to have a particular width on the image. It always gives the users a proper viewing experience on different devices and ensures that each image provides as much impact as possible.

  1. Use Simple Designs

When creating a mobile-friendly website, one of the important factors that you need to remember is using a very simple design.

  • Mobile users always prefer to view a simple yet elegant website. A large website with complicated features appears slowly on mobile.
  • Moreover, it becomes exasperating for the users to view the website and thus, they don’t like to open the site. This is where; owners don’t get the predictable website revenue. One of the major demands is instant delivery of content that they wish.
  • Keeping the designs simple on your website makes it easy to keep their attention on the content you wish them to see.
  • Furthermore, a simple and basic website can be more valuable than investing in a complex and elaborate theme.
  • To get an idea about simple designs for a website, dealing with a trustworthy and reliable WordPress website development agency would be advantageous.
  1. You Should Not Block JavaScript, CSS, or Image Files

Java is a widely used system, and with the amalgamation of CSS and image files, Java has become one of the backbones of a mobile-friendly website. To make your website widely compatible, this is important to use the Java system altogether. You get plenty of benefits out of it.

Not every website owner has an idea about JavaScript to make the website look better. That is why; making a deal with a WordPress Development Company would be useful. A reliable and reputed business web development company will make your whole work easier.

  1. Optimise Image Size

Creating a mobile-friendly website is not easy. Rather you should think about the features and specifications, which will be used on the site. The image plays a vital role in the website making, and that is why; when you think of creating a mobile-friendly website, you also need to ensure that the images have the smallest possible file size so that it opens easily.

It is only because the bandwidth of mobile devices are extremely smaller compared to desktop’s and causes longer loading time. So, when you require your users to download any 1MB image file and see a thumbnail-sized image, they will get frustrated and leave the site.

You will have to keep in mind that mobile-friendliness is not only about having a nice site design – this is all about improving the user’s experience, and the load times they go through are a major part of that experience. Reducing the image file sizes uses less of their data and assists to load the page faster, and normally contributes to your website’s positive image. For a better experience, you will have to make a deal with a reputed app development company.