The HVAC unit installed at home tends to be among its crucial component. Hence, it is important for all homeowners to make sure of proper air con installation, maintenance, servicing and repairs. During the summer months, in particular, a lot of strain tends to be put on air con units, which may lead to overuse and malfunctions.  It is vital that homeowners do not ignore these malfunctions and issues, as putting off HVAC problems always makes them worse. Ensuring swift air con troubleshoot and simple fixes would ultimately save them time, money, and hassle later on.  Hence, unless a person is prepared to live without air conditioning or pay for a replacement unit, one needs to know the warning signs of a busted air con unit. Here are some of the major signs that indicate that a person must call an air con repair technician at once:

A weird smell coming from the unit or ducts: Blasts of musty smelling air coming from the air con unit may be a sign of mold. On the other hand, a metallic burning smell from the unit can indicate burnt out insulation or wiring.

  • Moisture inside the ducts: Moisture in the ducts would indicate humidity leaking into the room. This can be caused by broken parts, leaky ductwork, or even an improperly functioning unit.
  • No cold air coming out:  This is among the most obvious sign that one must call an air con repair technician at once.  They can spot the actual cause of the trouble effectively, and prevent total breakdowns.
  • The unit is making more noise than usual: Any kind of high-pitched screeching sounds or abnormally loud buzzing noises coming from the air con unit may indicate loose connectors in the system or foreign objects interfering with the fan. Professional repair services must be sought out before this issue gets any worse.
  • Energy bills get suddenly spiked: Air con units can use up a lot of energy. However, a dramatic and sudden spike in the electricity bills might indicate that the system is not working in the manner it should, and is eating up more electricity in the process.
  • Air flow is poor: The fan of the air con unit that is responsible for pushing cool air through the ductwork, can succumb to a number of issues that can dramatically reduce airflow, such as a bad blower motor and dirty air filter.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, aircond water leaking is another key reason one must seek out professional repair services.