Burst Pipes are quite a hazard to deal with, since it happens out of the blue, sometimes in the middle of the night and the next morning you find yourself in a flooded house, shifting furniture and precious houses. At times like this, it need not be mentioned that you need to call a plumber but you might be lucky if you notice these following signs before disaster strikes. By this, you can take precautionary causes and protect yourself from serious damage.

1.Water Pressure problem

If one fine morning, you notice water hardly coming out of your taps or showers and then proceeding to blasts you in the face, you are probably facing a fluctuating water pressure in your pipes.  The change in environmental temperature, causing a burst pipe will result in the water pressure being rather absurd.

  1. Smelly Water

A pipe bursting in the ground gives way to dirt and other materials to get into the water. As time passes, the entry of the particles along with the water causes the pipe to rust, which allows a great opportunity for microorganisms to grow in your water. Additionally, the water might have a pungent smell which hints at signs of a sewage leak. Hydrogen sulfide mixing with your water needs immediate attention so you should do the needful. Your water, now with a brownish tint, can cause severe health hazards, so contact a Fixing burst pipes Maroubra immediately.

  1. Sound of water in the walls

The sound of water in your walls or the clanking of pipes, point at your pipe being broken,. It might sound like something out of a horror movie in the middle of the night but in reality, it’s your pipes, emitting popping noises.

  1. Water Bills skyrocketing

Your water bills are bound to skyrocket if the water faces certain obstacles and a great part of it is lost before reaching the taps. Your pumps are consuming more electricity to make up for the lost amount. Thus, if you notice a rise in the water bill, without there being much change in the daily intake, you might be facing a leaking issue. Of course, the earlier you discover the better since there might be a day when water just stops reaching your tap and you face extensive water damage.

  1. Growth of Mold

leakage of water behind your walls and excess moisture accumulation undoubtedly would result in the growth of mold and other microorganisms. You might notice this problem throughout the house. In case you spot an abnormal growth of moss, mold, mildew, with its significant musty smell, make sure to call a Plumber kensington to have them look into the matter.

  1. Marks left by water-

Water marks in the walls are another symptom of burst pipes. these marks are left behind from the times when the pipe had burst and caused a water leak. There are chances of being additional dampness and soft areas in the walls, due to the heavy leak.