Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong disease as it keeps one’s body from using insulin the way it should. It is a serious disease where uncontrolled symptoms can lead to heart diseases, kidney failure, and other problematic conditions. It is the most common type of diabetes that affects millions of people all over the world. However, with the help of healthcare professionals, nutritionists, and online chemists, you can keep your condition in check!

While addressing type 2 diabetes, we should also make ourselves aware of prediabetes. Before being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, most people are diagnosed with prediabetes. In prediabetes, the blood sugar is alarming but not as high to diagnose Type 2 diabetes. You should start making lifestyle changes in your routine and take steps to avoid falling into the category of diabetes once you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes. There is still time!

One cannot change unavoidable factors, like genes and other complications like health and age. Still, there are numerous other measures to reduce the chances of getting diagnosed with this chronic disease. 

  • Regular Exercise – Physical activity enhances insulin sensitivity which in turn keeps our blood sugar levels under control. Hence, regular physical activities like walking, running, cycling, strength training, etc may save us from the scare of being diabetic.
  • Increase your Water Intake – Sticking to water as your primary beverage helps you to avoid consuming sugary beverages like aerated drinks and juices high in preservatives. Effects of these sugary drinks are ghastly and lead to an increased risk of developing diabetes. On the contrary, regular water intake has several advantages like flushing out toxins, maintaining blood sugar and insulin levels, and supporting weight loss.
  • Ditch Obesity – Excess visceral fat, which is the weight generally deposited around our body’s midsection, stimulates inflammation and insulin resistance, further pushing us towards diabetes. One must be reminded that not everyone who has diabetes is obese or fat, but studies suggest that maintaining a healthy number on the weighing scale leads to various benefits. We should always strive to lose weight if we reach the heavier side. 
  • Smoking is your biggest foe – Several studies suggest the antagonistic consequences of smoking. The risk of diabetes in smokers is 44% more as compared to non-smokers.  Apart from diabetes, heavy smoking leads to various lung diseases, heart diseases, and cancers. 
  • Watch what you eat and how much you eat – We are all well aware of the importance of a balanced diet. There are some other aspects one must keep in mind to avoid the risk of diabetes 

   1 – Cut refined sugar from your diet as it leads to the deposition of fats and further increases blood sugar levels.

   2 – Watch your carb intake and reduce refined carbs as far as possible. Low-carb diets have been proven to reduce blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity.

   3 – Whatever food you plan to eat, it is extremely crucial to watch your meal portion. Eating too much at a time spike your blood sugar especially if you’re overweight. Practice portion control in every meal to lower the risk of diabetes.

   4 – Increase the consumption of salads and fruits as they are rich in fiber and help to reduce sweet cravings. Include fibers in all your meals.

   5 –  Opt for high-fiber diets as they are super beneficial for gut health and weight management. 

   6 – Optimize Vitamin D levels by increasing the consumption of Vitamin D. It is found naturally in some foods and can be taken through supplements from a UK pharmacy as well. 

   7 – Drink coffee or tea as a secondary beverage to water. Research has indicated that drinking coffee daily reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Green tea is another natural antioxidant that reduces blood sugar levels and makes for a terrific beverage throughout the day.

   8 – Take professional help from nutritionists and health experts to advise you on what is best for your body and guide you towards a nutritious life.

  • Do not consume packaged foods – Processed foods are high in harmful additives, unknown ingredients, excessive oils, and artificial colors. They lead to poor quality diets and severely increase the risk of diabetes. You should focus on consuming whole foods which are nutritious and are freshly cooked. 
  • Check your parameters frequently: Testing your blood glucose levels helps you keep them in check. There are multiple instruments available for this purpose. Opt for the ones that are most convenient to you, and keep your blood glucose in check. A lot of pharmacies the online UK have these instruments such as lancets and strip tests. Make use of this diabetes testing equipment to make your life easier.


Maximum factors that lead to diabetes can be controlled and should be taken into account to keep yourself healthy in the longer run. Focusing on whole foods, promoting lifestyle changes, and indulging in making changes to your daily routine are all stepping stones to a healthy life and avoiding a troublesome old age.