Printing services have been in the market for several years. There were times when the printing industry had to face even several ups and downs but it still has a strong presence among businesses. A marketing campaign is never counted as completed without having a printing service provider onboard. As important as the planning and designing stage is for the marketing campaigns, printing services are equally important to ensure the quality of your final output. There are various printing services available these days but it is your responsibility to select a reliable and reputed service provider that understands your needs and requirements better and delivers the best results.

The printing industry has evolved a lot in terms of techniques and technology. And in order to accommodate the growing demands of printing, the industry has introduced several types of printing. The oldest printing technique was woodcut that involved carving an image on a wooden surface. And today, with the use of some of the latest technological advancements, one can get affordable printing services and choose from various types of printing methods as per their preference.

Common printing needs can be fulfilled at home or office easily but when it comes to marketing products like flyers, leaflets, brochure, magazine, booklets, you need to hire professional printing service. To get affordable printing services is not a difficult task these days, all you need is to compare your business needs with quality and reliability of the services provided by the printing professionals.

Different Types of Professional Printing Services

With so many types of professional printing services available these days, it becomes important to know about each one of them so that you can choose the service as per your need. Let us learn about different kinds of professional printing services.

Offset Lithography

Also known as offset printing, it is one of the most popular printing methods used in mass production printing. Offset lithography is often used for rough surfaces like wood, cloth, and canvas but due to its versatility it can also be applied for books, paper, and stationary. It includes printing plates of aluminum that hold the printing content. The plates are transferred into rollers before reaching the printing media that can be any type of paper. The flexible material of the rollers makes it easy for offset lithography to be used for any media with rough surface. This type of printing service is best at consistently producing high quality images and can be used for printing demands of high volume.


Flexographic printing is usually used for printing packages, labels, wallpapers, and gift wrap. It is known as the modern version of letterpress printing that is used often for uneven surfaces. High volume printing demands can be fulfilled with flexography that uses semi liquid inks and quick-drying method.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the latest printing method in the market. It offers different variety of techniques such as laser and inkjet printing and are usually used for printing newsletters, posters, labels, etc. In digital printing method, the output is sent directly to the client through digital files such as PDFs. If you are not printing in high volume, digital printing can save your money and time both.

Digital printing can be a cost-effective method if used for the right service. It proves a great option for small businesses as outputs can be delivered quickly and with best quality.

Large Format

Opposed to methods like digital printing, as the name suggests, large format printing produces maximum printing roll width. It is best for businesses who want to make a huge impact on their customers. This printing method can accommodate bigger areas to work on and uses rolls of prints that are then put on media to produce a large sheet.

Print medias like banners, murals, billboards, and wraps come under large format printing as it ensures the best quality output compared to other forms of printing that are unable to produce such large materials.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is often used to produce logos and graphics on clothes, fabric banners and posters. Because of the high setting required in screen printing, producing printing items in small number might not be cost effective for businesses. Screen printing technique use fine material to transfer the image or content to the other material properly. Though, it is popularly used for printing graphics on fabric but can also be applied on papers and metal material.

3D Printing

3D printing is popular among businesses as it is known to impact the audience in the best way. This three-dimensional object printing techniques can reflect more than one image and feels like a moving object. 3D printing is known to be a great way of attracting customers to your marketing piece.

Several elements make a marketing campaign a success, printing quality of the material is one of them. Selecting the best and the most reliable printing service provider will result in the best quality printed materials.