Brisbane Family Lawyers – James Noble Law at Business South Bank interview

Charles Noble (Brisbane Family Lawyers) at James Noble Law in Brisbane interviewed at the Business Southbank Showcase 2018.

One of the key differences between James Noble Law and many of our colleagues at other law firms is our attention toward technology. We offer our clients an easy way to keep up to date on their matters and communicate with our lawyers whenever the need arises.

From asking a quick question to providing detailed written statements and other evidence, we at James Noble Law have developed a proven method of communication-flow that helps give our clients added peace of mind.

Our feedback and testimonials are a key driver in our work and help us understand the everyday needs of those seeking our advice and support.

Get family law help. Fast from Brisbane Family Lawyers.

If you or anyone you know has a matter that requires some legal assistance, then please consider James Noble Law is your first port of call. We offer a free 20-minute initial consultation and are more than happy to discuss any matter that may be on the horizon.

We can be reached 24/7 at 1800 662 535 or [email protected] and please remember that James Noble Law is not a common-law practice. We’re a family-run, locally spirited, and globally-minded law firm capable of handling any case in family law. James Noble Law are Lawyers. Just Different.

Don’t settle for a cost-price and budget lawyer who says they can do the job right. Trust the experience and history of James Noble Law Brisbane. Choose Brisbane’s Leading Family Law Firm; James Noble Law.


  1. Don’t get caught with the raw end of the deal and receive a fair, efficient, and expeditious resolution to your divorce settlement.
  2. A well versed and experienced lawyer can guide you through the complex family law code and answer your questions freely.
  3. Don’t even go to court and experience the mental and financial burden of litigation by using a collaborative approach to law.

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