Jake Paul‘s next opponent will be a former UFC champion.

Paul will face Tyron Woodley in a boxing battle later this summer, according to both Paul and Woodley. According to reports, the 190-pound battle is presently scheduled for Aug. 28. According to insiders, many host cities are still being considered, but a formal announcement on the date and location is anticipated soon.

The fight will be a professional combat, Paul’s fourth, and Woodley’s first, and will take place in a 20×20 ring with 10-ounce gloves. The event, which will be distributed by Showtime, will be available on pay-per-view. According to reports, fans are anticipated to show up.

The fight was initially reported by MMA Island.

This will be Paul’s second boxing contest against a former UFC fighter in a row. In April, he knocked out Woodley’s long-time colleague and buddy Ben Askren in less than two minutes. In fact, Woodley was in Askren’s corner for that fight and even got into a verbal spat with Paul and his staff before the fight as Paul was having his hands bandaged in the locker room. That dispute, which was recorded on video, sowed the seeds for this brawl.

“I have a list of individuals I want to silence with my fists,” Paul stated in a statement supplied to ESPN. “And as I prepare for my fourth professional bout, I’m delighted to cross the first one off the list by taking on a five-time UFC champion renowned for his knockout power.” Tyron is a seasoned striker who has competed against the finest in the world. I obviously admire his career, but on August 28th, I will throw Tyron into a permanent snooze.

“Perhaps this time [UFC president] Dana White will be a man and put his money behind his former champion instead of attempting to sabotage my success like a jealous ex.” It’s showtime.”

Woodley, who won the UFC welterweight championship in 2016 and successfully defended it four times, recently battled out his UFC contract, making him a free agent. Despite the fact that he has lost his previous four MMA bouts and is 39, he offers the largest step up in competition Paul has ever faced. Woodley left the promotion with a 19-7-1 record.

White, who has been the focus of Paul’s trash talk in recent months, said on Mike Tyson’s podcast before the Askren fight that he would wager a million dollars on Askren to defeat Paul, but subsequently indicated he wasn’t serious.

Paul, 24, one of the world’s most prominent social media influencers, has generated quite a stir in the boxing world since making his professional debut in January 2020. First, he knocked off fellow influencer AnEsonGib in the first round. He knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson in the opening round late last year and KO’d Askren two months ago.

This will be his first appearance on Showtime, where he just inked a multifight contract.

“In just his fourth professional battle, Jake is facing far stiffer competition than any boxer at a comparable point of their career, which normally includes extensive amateur experience,” Paul advisor and CEO of BAVAFA Sports Nakisa Bidarian told ESPN. “Floyd Mayweather, who was 84-9 as an amateur, entered his fourth professional bout against an opponent making his boxing debut and finished his career at 0-4. Furthermore, in his 50th professional bout, after going 49-0, he faced Conor McGregor, who was making his boxing debut.

“Mike Tyson’s fourth opponent was 1-0, ending his career at 2-23.” Jake is going up against a seasoned MMA fighter renowned for his knockout power. And keep in mind that it is mixed martial arts, and if you go to the UFC website and look at their intro-to-MMA page, boxing is the first martial art featured. Tyron Woodley has been practicing in boxing for considerably longer than Jake. This battle is going to be a spectacle. Thank you, Showtime, for believing in our concept and collaborating with Jake to make it a reality.”

According to Bidarian, he and Paul will act as executive producers for the event. Malki Kawa, the CEO of First Round Management, negotiated Woodley’s deal.

“Easiest fight of my career and highest purse of my career all in one night,” Woodley added. “Basically, they brought me in to take out the garbage.” I can’t wait to get this b—- off my back. This is being done for the culture, for the whole MMA and boxing community, to eradicate this person of combat sports.”

According to Bidarian, Paul and Woodley will square off for the first time on Thursday in Miami. This will happen only days before Paul’s elder brother, Logan, a social media superstar turned wannabe boxer, goes on Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match.

“We are pleased to debut our collaboration with Jake Paul, and this interesting Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Live Stream event is expected to be one of the most talked about events of the year,” Showtime Sports president Stephen Espinoza told ESPN. “Jake has an exceptional capacity to attract the attention of both his admirers and adversaries.” Tyron Woodley is a skilled professional fighter. Jake’s eagerness to take on a seasoned pro like Tyron reveals everything about Jake’s aspirations and ambitions: he likes challenges, he accepts risk, and he aspires to leave a legacy in the sport of boxing.

“Tyron Woodley will provide a significant challenge, making for a must-see bout.”