Construction managers usually find a problem of protecting their site from theft. Keeping construction equipment and materials in an incomplete structure safe is not easy. Stealing of equipment and materials is a huge problem in the construction industry. This article has some straightforward solutions to keep your construction site safe from theft.

Install good lighting

Thieves prefer working under cover of darkness. So, installing quality lighting is a wonderful deterrent to thieve. Invest in some LED lights that shine brighter but don’t consume much electricity. You won’t realize any significant increase in power bills after installing security lights on your site. Lights with motion sensors are a wonderful solution for scaring away thieves once the light sensor detects their movement.

Install tracking devices

You should also consider using modern technology to secure your expensive construction equipment. Attaching a tracking device in a backhoe, front loader, huge lumber pallet, or shipment of materials is a great idea. If someone takes off with such equipment and materials, tracking the new location with the police is super easy.

You have to enlist the services of the best security company in Canada  for services such as vehicle GPS tracking and guard tracking technology. This relies on cloud-based software to monitor all equipment where the tracker is installed. Tracking eliminates delays caused by misplacement of equipment while lessening the chances of theft.

Installing a fence

Thieves take advantage of loopholes on your site to steal. Installing a fence around your construction site makes it less appealing to thieves. Securing expensive equipment and materials inside a fenced area saves a lot of money. A single point of entry is necessary manned by a professional guard to prohibit unauthorized access.

CCTV surveillance

Another solution to avoid theft on your site is to avoid making it an easy target. Invest in a surveillance camera system to keep an eye on your site. A great system can come with an app from where to remotely watch whatever is happening on your site.

Thieves are less likely to attack your site since the cameras will capture footage  that will be used against them in court. Apart from safety, surveillance cameras ensure a safe working environment for employees. Keeping an eye on whatever is going on can protect you from a liability lawsuit.

Appropriate delivery of material

Thieves strive after knowing what they are after. So, delivering materials onsite when you are not yet ready to use it attracts thieves. The best way to keep your material safe is to plan where to have it in a secure place.

Hire an onsite guard

You can also protect equipment and materials from theft on your construction site by hiring a guard. These come well equipped with industry-leading gadgets to offer 24/7 security on your site. Work with a professional company with years of operating in the industry to provide guards you can rely on.

The guards will patrol your construction site on foot, vehicle, or bicycle backed by real-time tracking. Reliance on technology allows providing PDF reports and photo evidence. Knowing that professional armed guards protect your site will scare off any would-be thieves.

Have security dogs onsite

You have already noticed that thieves prefer striking under

the cover of darkness. Installing security lights, having a guard, and installing trackers are good ideas. However, you can back them up with the presence of security dogs on your construction site at night. Professionally trained guard dogs will sniff out anyone attempting to break into your premies. Additionally, thieves are likely to avoid risking attacking your site with vicious dogs around.

Do extensive background checks.

When hiring laborers, make sure to do thorough background checks on them. Due diligence is essential during the hiring process to lessen the risk of theft on your site. People with a history of related cases increase the chances of having your equipment and material stolen.

Giving people with previous convictions a second chance is strongly recommended. The catch is being sure that you hire people who won’t end up helping themselves with your expensive equipment and materials.

Install warning signs

Lastly, you should also install warning signs around your site to warn potential thieves. Signs that you have security measures around, such as security dogs and armed guards, scare off thieves. You can have the signs printed out and then placed around your site. Even the most daring thief won’t insist on attempting to attack your construction site.

Bottom line

Theft of materials and equipment gives construction managers headaches. The use of solutions like those highlighted above is a lifesaver. Enlisting a professional company that offers onsite guards or security dogs will keep equipment and materials safe.