Unfortunately, we have many great leaders who sometimes go unnoticed. People wonder why we have less supply of leaders, who unfortunately we cannot manufacture or buy. Some great writer once said that we have to look for leaders anywhere there might be hiding in every nook and cranny of universe. What are the reasons why professional athletes make excellent leaders? 


A recent survey was done in a hundred of the UK’s CEOs from the 500 largest companies randomly selected. The results were as follows;

Forty-six percent of them said they had won awards for their athletic prowess. While 71 percent believed the sports they held at school helped to shape their business acumen.



If there’s anything that professional athletes understand pretty well is determination. It’s one of the reasons why they got where they are. Before they progress in sports, these guys go through some hurdles but overcome all that with hard work, discipline, patience, focus, and more and more practice. That’s what it takes for a true leader to succeed. And all these cannot happen if someone is not determined.



Anybody else in various business industries emulates the athlete’s teamwork. These men and women are like a jazz band, and they have to integrate to gather a coherent whole. If one of the players gets some injuries or loses composure, he squanders the entire team’s efforts. Even as everybody has their favorite players, they need to know they are nothing without the rest. They are first among equals. Nobody will ever get the trophy if it wasn’t for the team.



Following the leader is not a game, but it’s an experience to serve a greater purpose. Professional athletes believe in followership because they understand that it’s the visible advantage of executing a plan. You acquire leadership skills from learning the lessons of following.




Due to their background, athletes know how to adapt quickly and learn new skills. Whatever skills are required to succeed, they don’t shy away from perfecting them. They also understand that sometimes work requires someone flexible.



Athletes don’t easily give up, and they push until they accomplish their goals. Sometimes that means not taking no for an answer and trying several feasible ways. That’s the spirit that has helped them succeed in their career.


Handling pressure

Again, professional athletes only know well how to work under pressure. Since millions of people place a wager on them, their investment in time, money, talent, and reputation counts, most of the time, they have to play with injuries, but they play calmly and collected. It also means they can work in highly stressful and complicated jobs.


Time management

One has to be disciplined to manage time properly.

Athletes are good at balancing work and personal life. They need to balance sleep, work, exercise, food, and fun. They embrace this because it’s what helps them to be productive. Every business out there needs a person who knows how to honor time in their company.



Athletes understand how they can impact others and what motivates them. They become aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and how to manage their emotions.



When you’re a sportsman, you have to learn how to get along with your teammates. Interconnectedness is a crucial aspect of the team.

They know to be approachable, healthy, respectful to everyone they work with or encounter. It is something that helps shape their life, giving them a perfect relationship with others.



The kind of communication the athletes learn is intense.

They know how to pass the right information to their team and learn different ways of conveying the message. It could be both verbal or nonverbal, so long as the news gets to the team. They only know too well that miscommunication may lead to the downfall of the units. And this is what makes a professional athlete a noble leader.



Any great leader will always put others before them. When a sports leader realizes his teammate’s ability, he first facilitates to ensure their success. It doesn’t even matter if they will go up with them; their main focus is the growth of a potential player. That’s what an exceptional leader would do for his peeps.



Responsibility is a trait that sportspeople learn in the field. They take accountability, and they show up whenever they get a call. That could be earlier, late than everyone else, or even ungodly hours. If this has to save the game, then to them is worth it. Everything has to run smoothly and effectively. Sometimes you even have to take a fall for others to save your team.


In conclusion, we usually see the media’s out-of-control behaviors that sometimes overshadow our professional athletes great traits and leadership. The interesting facts we’ve highlighted here will remind us of our athletes contributions to society and why they make exceptional leaders.