Demarcating clear thresholds, windows and doors are prerequisites to a well-connected existence. The best door and window designs strike the perfect balance between aesthetically sound and fulfilling their intended functions. And as an integral subsidiary of LIXIL India Pvt Ltd, TOSTEM India offers premier door and window design, significantly elevating the look and feel of your home! Have a look at some exquisite window and door designs you may pick from:

Appealing Door Designs: Enter Your Home With Élan!

The best doors are the ones that are sturdy, visually appealing and in line with the overall design of the room. Here are some exciting door designs you could consider:

Outswing Doors: Outswing doors are typically suited to the rooms of residential and commercial areas. TOSTEM India’s 3,000 mm high outswing doors offer just the right amount of airtightness and noise insulation required to facilitate a well-insulated environment and optimal noise cancellation.

Insect Sliding Screen Doors: These double-doors are visually appealing and sturdy with a frame depth of 101.6 mm. One may install them at entrances of homes and offices, and in rooms and balconies. The low depth tracks seamlessly fit into the room’s existing framework and are resistant to strong gusts of wind and heavy rainfall.

Sliding Doors With Varied Track Dimensions: Select your sliding door based on each’s track dimensions and the entrance’s width. For instance, for broad balcony entrances, sliding doors with six panels on three tracks would be visually appealing and sturdy. One may opt for aesthetic aluminium door designs with three panels on three tracks or four panels on two tracks for narrower entrances.

Elegant Window Designs: Beautifying Your ‘Windows to the World’

Besides enabling sunlight penetration, windows provide us with secure vantage points to the world even as we bask in the comfort of our homes. Have a look at some elegant window designs for your interiors:

Fixed Windows: These simple, single-panelled windows are perfect for small side-windows in homes and offices. With convenient 2 and 3 tracks sliding options, these windows are strong and consist of thick glasses providing optimal protection against extreme weather conditions.

Casement Windows: Consisting of side hinges, casement windows swing outwards and are easily installable. TOSTEM’s casement windows are available in different types: casement windows with hinges or pivots, windows with insect screens for awning and casement, and casement windows with friction stay.

Awning Windows: Awning windows entail top hinges and swing from below, thus being extremely well-suited to rooms that require more sunlight penetration and ventilation. The best awning windows are sturdy but not heavy to handle.

Corner Fixed Windows: As the name suggests, these windows occupy the adjacent corners of rooms. Corner windows look appealing in living-rooms and drawing-rooms, making them appear more spacious. These windows are typically available with 2 and 3 tracks for convenient sliding.

Sliding Windows: These modern window designs are popularly installed in residential and commercial areas, providing the room with a neat, tidy appearance. Based on the space available, one may opt for sliding windows entailing 3 or 4 panels on two tracks, or smaller designs such as two panels.


With extensive experience in providing premier housing solutions, TOSTEM India offers resilient, superior-quality doors and windows well-suited to different interior designs. Our doors and windows also provide water tightness and wind pressure resistance, thus being resilient to extreme weather conditions!

While installing doors and windows, the best bet would be to understand your specific window requirement vis-à-vis the space available and make a purchase decision accordingly.

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