Women are always on the chase for the latest trendy beauty treatments. And the beauty craze of wearing eyelash extensions is tremendous. It does wonder to your eyes and gives youthful vibes. Eyelash beauty treatments require maintenance appointments and demand little change in habitat. A lash fills are a part of routine lash maintenance.

Many questions pop into the artist’s mind as many requests for lash fills tend to happen. How much should they charge? What is the best time to do one and the safest way to do it? 

Let’s explore everything you need to know about quick and easy procedures that keep your lashes looking gorgeous.

When do you need eyelash extension fills?

Once your client has a full classic set of eyelash extensions. They need to come in regularly for fills. Lash extension fills are new lashes placed on natural lashes as the old ones are about to fall off. Ideally, it should fall off every two to four weeks, but longer times mean longer treatment time as more lashes need to be filled. 

So, it’s best to perform a refill service when the client has 40% of volume eyelash extensions left from the full set. You need to remove the twisted, weak bonded lash extension and replace them with a new one. Some of the lash artists find it easier to remove all the remaining lashes and start a new set at the cost of a refill. 

Things to do when you start lash fill

  • Clean the eyelash extension from the client’s eyes. 
  • Remove lashes that are overgrown and ready to shed due to the natural growth cycle. 
  • Remove weak bonding lashes.
  • Fix any gap between lashes and lash extensions.

What makes lash extensions fall out?

We know that eyelash extension falling out is not a sign of doom and gloom. So we understand that seeing your beautiful extension on your pillow can cause you to jump to conclusions. Factors that affect your lashes are:

  • Naturally grown-out lashes.
  • Medical conditions that affect the health of your lashes.
  • Deficiency in diet makes your lashes weak.
  • Waterproof mascara or any contact with oils.
  • Humidity, environment, and more.

Complete process of how to remove & fill lash extensions

Step 1: Remove overgrown lash extensions by using tweezers or a remover.

Partial lash removal methods before a refill

  • Lash removal with tweezers

Using tweezers to remove extension is not advised as you need to put a lot of force. It results in damaging your natural lashes or bent lashes. You can go for this removal process when you have a small amount of glue on the bonding area or a few lash extensions.

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  • Banana peel method

It is simple and effective to remove the client’s grown-out lashes during refill appointments. When you use two sets of tweezers, pick one natural lash with one tweeze and extend with another. You can gently separate them vertically into two directions. In this way, the natural lashes won’t get pulled out.

  • For volume lashes

Clients who have volume extension find it difficult to use the banana peel method. For volume extensions, use a wide foot tweezer and press the glued part of the lash extension. Now softly break down the glue, and your extension will fall off more easily. 

Lash extension remover

Some lash technicians don’t like to use lash extension remover for partial removal as it can take longer than by using tweezers. However, using a lash remover is a less damaging way to do it and it keeps your eyelash extension safe. Here are two strategies that can help to make your partial removal easier: 

Lash artists don’t like to use removers as it takes longer than by using tweezers. But it is a much safer and less damaging way to do it with your lashes. The two methods that help you to make removal easier

Method 1: Using a cotton pad to separate the overgrown lashes

Method 2: Using tape to pull up the overgrown lashes

Step 2: Deep clean the lashes 

If you are a lash technician you need to give a great lash bath before the fill, follow this instruction.

Give your client a lash bath before the fill by following this instruction

  • Apply a less amount of lash foam cleanser directly onto the client’s eyelashes. 
  • Remove the dirt or makeup with a foam brush for at least 5 seconds. 
  • Thoroughly wash the residue of the foam cleanser with distilled water for 100% efficiency of the lash glue.
  • Dry using an air blower completely before you begin to fill.

Step 3: Prime the lashes

It is undeniable that a lash artist should always prime their client’s lashes before applying any classic or volume lashes extension. It is due to:

  • Primer strips natural lashes of oils and residue. 
  • It makes sure that the lash extension stays longer.
  • It provides a clean slate with the right pH for bonding the extension.

Step 4: Apply new lashes

Get your lash extension application done in Knoxville, Tn, and ladies; a gorgeous eyelash look is ready to shock your mate in a happy way! 

Final Thoughts

Eyelash extension refills are a good opportunity for you to refine your eye style. Lash technicians can even suggest different styles to them based on what look they are going for. Eyelash fills are an opportunity to play with the new trendy eyelash look and express your creativity through your eyes.