Products shipped needs special care and protection. Hence creating a good packaging for your products is crucial. The packaging is also one of the most dominant marketing tools. It influences customers buying decision and help them identify and remember your brand. Therefore, it is essential to have remarkable, attractive and proper packaging to boost a brand’s identity.

Before planning about the packing of product, it is vital to choose your packaging materials, a plastic packet, cardboard box or a bottle depending upon the product you will be shipping and affordability.

Once you have decided on the type of packaging, you will need to focus on its design. Figure out, corporate fonts of the company, hues, images and patterns that have to be printed on the packaging. Be sure that all the valuable information is mentioned on the packaging concerning the product and the brand.

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Steps to Packing Your Products Properly:

  • Evaluate your product needs: In order to deliver your products into the market safely and efficiently, assessing product requirement for packaging is crucial.
    Identify what can likely damage your product- compression, pressure, contamination, vibration.
    Determine if the product is temperature-sensitive.
    Identify the requirements to keep the products stable and sheltered for longer.
    Determine the protection and storage material for handling and shipping the product carefully.

If the product is both too heavy and fragile, you can use a double packaging method. According to that, use two containers to pack the product. The inner box should be of size according to the product. Whereas, the outer one should be bigger than the inner container.

  • Weather conditions: While preparing for your product to ship, it is required to pack your product keeping in mind the weather to keep it safe, especially if you are packing food or electronic devices. It is not always possible to have favourable weather all the time. Hence, your packaging should be ready to fight against unfavourable conditions.
  • Select the right wrapping: When wrapping your products use paper or bubble wraps, make sure all the products are covered properly, to avoid any damage from weather or pressure. It should be able to protect the products.
  • Cushioning: When boxes are used to pack fragile products or electronic devices, filling the gaps using packaging peanut, thermocol, foam or a paper, will prevent the products from shock and vibrations during transit. Do not overfill the box as it may burst the packaging at the time of delivery.
  • Seal the product properly: If a generous amount of adhesive material is used, it can keep the product intact and safe even when the journey is rough. The versatility and quality of the packaging adhesive should be good enough to overcome weather changes. It should be durable to withstand harsh packaging industry demands.

Points to Remember While Choosing the Packaging Material

  • Durability: Reliability and durability of the material you will be using to represent your brand are pivotal. Investigate the quality carefully before buying the packaging material for your product. Packaging Midlands is a well-known supplier of packaging supplies based in the UK. They provide admirable quality products.
  • Sustainability: Picking out for sustainable packaging will make your brand appeal to the eco-conscious consumer of today. If your packaging uses high recycled content, it gives a positive impact on the environment.
  • Credibility: The quality of being trustworthy is vital. Check the credibility to ensure that no products get damaged during transit due to low-quality packaging material.
  • Versatility: Packaging products you choose should be versatile in terms of its printing capabilities. Versatile packaging helps you provide a personalised experience that leaves a great impression on your customers.