So, you’ve survived so many sleepless nights and the terrible twos. Your child is finally in his four and ready to step into school life. But wait, that opens up a whole new world of different challenges, homework from school being the most dreaded by both the kids and parents.

  • Homework is a constant battle in our household
  • -’m just too tired to do homework
  • Our schedule is too busy to fit homework in
  • It’s getting too hectic and challenging for us to manage time for my kids and help them do their homework from school, especially in this pandemic
  • Do any of those statements sound familiar? If you have thought of any of the above statements, sit back. We need to talk

Listen…You aren’t alone. At this hour, many working parents are facing an unprecedented situation: juggling between household chores working from home with kids and without access to the campus, babysitters, or playschools that you might normally count on to get through a school break. Finding the time, energy, and willpower to sit with kids to complete their homework is challenging, especially when you are working with parents. If the thought of working from home with your child seems frightening, that is completely okay and normal. I understand because I am too one of those moms who run from pillar to post to deliver the best of the best. Especially when it comes to my child’s homework. Out of all the work that I have to perform, it kills most of my creativity, patience, and time.

Kids demand around-the-clock attention—and parenting while juggling conference calls, never-ending emails, and tight deadlines is no joke. Kids who procrastinate about their homework or rather skip often tend to miss the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills. So, as mommy and daddy, it is our responsibility to encourage them to finish their given homework before the deadline. It won’t be smooth, but there are a few strategies you can use to make your new situation a little easier. Fortunately, with time, I have learned the trick of the trade. Do you, too, want to know the best ways by Vidhyashram International School , the top schools of jodhpur to deal with your kid’s homework even when working on deadlines? Keep reading!

Strategies to Help Kids in their Homework Despite your Busy Schedule

Keep a fixed homework time

Dear, Mamma! It’s important that you fix your little one’s homework hours and stick to it. They must understand that the time is reserved only for completing the homework from school and restrict them from getting indulged in any other activities during that time. If they continue to follow the exact timetable for a few days, I bet they will slowly learn to accept those hours as homework time and will not be distracted by other activities. The schedule may vary for each kid, depending on their needs and individual attention span. If your kid feels drowsy after lunch, it is better to fix their homework time after a nap. Of course, if the homework from school requires long working hours, it is necessary to take multiple short breaks in between.

Work out a win-win schedule

Decide your working hours beforehand with your child’s homework and study time. Maintain it every time without bringing in major changes until faced with some urgent meetings or submission deadlines. I know your job is important, but the relationship between you and your child is far more important than that. With important deadlines and meetings come frequent changes of things at work, which may disrupt the whole timetable. So, it’s better to stick to the one that is already set. Do make your baby aware of any such urgencies beforehand if they are bound to happen. Alongside, also make necessary arrangements on your behalf, so their study time also does not get hampered.

Make use of the Calendar and Set a Reminder

We are living in a technology-driven world. So, why not use it to our advantage to get the homework from school completed on time? Akhir Technology kab kaam aayega?

Calendars are great, to help you remember all the homework activities required to be done for kids. Make use of this calendar app to keep track of deadlines for multiple projects so that you don’t have to struggle before the due date. If your little genius has any projects to be completed over a month’s time, quickly set a weekly reminder and keep track of your kid’s progress on a weekly basis.

Change the Scene: Best for Daydreamers

I often allow my kid to use my office space and my open balcony if they are having trouble, sitting in one corner of his room.

I believe, sometimes, something as simple as a special place to work can boost a child’s motivation and, in turn, his confidence. You know, it can work the other way round. Being in a spot where Mom does grown-up work seems to help my child focus much better. Maybe because I tell them that it’s my place to concentrate. Why don’t you try this? Who knows, your bud can behave just like mine!

Get involved but not wholly

Dear parents! It’s important to let your child know that you will be there to help them whenever they get stuck but refrain from doing their entire daily homework. I would suggest you: let them figure out a solution on their own first. If you notice that they are stuck in a particular problem, start by dropping a few hints. Also, when they are doing their homework, make sure that you don’t sit with them the whole time. Rather go on to do your own work, just keep checking on them once in a while.

Check the homework progress in between

I admit! It often happens that you get immensely engrossed in your own work. It happens to me too. So while taking a chai- break from your work, check the progress of the homework your child has completed. Ask him if he needs any help. Seeing you too occupied, he may hesitate to disturb you, so it is better you yourself ask him and show that you are concerned and are there to help your junior out.

Encouragement is the key

Encourage your child not to procrastinate but to complete his homework on time by looking for your guidance while you are busy working on your own assignments. Because spoon-feeding the child all the time is also not healthy at all. When you encourage him, he will feel involved and will be able to better understand the topic. Homework is more important for children to do it by themselves rather than watching parents complete it. So, sit with them to guide your child through any problems. This will help you to multi-task and complete their homework alongside your work too.

Complete the demanding projects first

If your kid’s homework from school demands too much attention or feels that it will take longer to complete it, try to get them completed to take up your office work and meet the deadlines without stressing over it later.


By turning the tedious homework ritual into a series of conversations about what needs to be done and for how long, kids feel less “alone” with their homework. Result? They begin to relish your company and support, and you can complete your work much more efficiently than you might otherwise. These are some ways by Vidhyahram International School, the best school in Jodhpur parents can take control of their work, home chores, and, most importantly, their kid’s homework from school. Trust me! If you follow this, you will be in a far better position to effectively communicate and manage any such emergencies both at the office and at home. All these bring along several advantages of doing homework timely. This will display your time management skills, dedication towards work, home, collect both works from home and children, and help you prove as the ideal model mainly for acing by balancing both the responsibilities of home and job.So, mammas and daddies, start today by including these tips, chalk out your day well, effectively help out your children in their homework, and see for yourself how it eases up your life too, the way it sorted mine!

 Above all, Stay Healthy! Stay safe!