Blazers can be your favorite piece all of the time. A perfect clothing piece to dress up your casual outfit. Women’s blazer is sure to go with any occasion. 

 Summers have rolled around once again, and it’s scorching heat! The temperature is sky-rocketing, and we are sure that a blazer is not the first clothing item that comes to your mind. 

 But, wait, what if I say it should be? You need the right fabric, color, and perfect fit to spice up the summer season with some flair. Trendy women’s clothing makes the process as simple and painless as possible.

Summer styling ideas to wear a blazer 

Striped blazer – perfect start of summer


It’s time to style a simple white v-neck tee and blend your style with comfort. Blazer will help you stay away from heatstroke. Style it with a short denim cut-off that keeps your lower half cool and heels for elongating legs. Get an overall casual look. Perfect for brunch at a cafe or boardwalk. If you like to wear such colors, check more at women’s western wear boutiques.  

Instagram picture worthy pink blazer  

Have a great sense of style with a pink blazer; we are stunned by it! It’s a great look for an indoor event or for a cooler day outdoors. They are worn over a white tee with this lightweight blazer tucked into a pair of super skinny jeans. Super comfy and chic, neutral-colored mules are the perfect footwear choice. Accessorize it with a leather belt, drop earrings, and bracelet to have an adorable breezy summer look.

GO ga-ga over this dolly blazer


A winner for summer, white linen dolly blazer! It is lightweight, and you won’t be sweating in this. Style it with a striped dress, or you can pair it with so many different kinds of outfits. Don’t forget to wear matching accessories and don up with a corn husk bag. Add the finishing touch to your look with some wedge sandals. Let’s make warm-weather styling cooler with blazer wear. 

Boost your confidence with a green blazer

Are you in search of a great ensemble for an outdoor event? It can be work lunch with your colleagues, brunch with your friends, or casual business meetings. First, you need a blazer – oh sorry, an attention-grabbing piece of blazer such as a green one that makes you feel like a million bucks.

All you need is a strip tank you can wear under the blazer of your choice. Not a fan of green ones? Feel free to mix it up with any solid color. Beige heels and skinny black jeans would be your style partner. Accessorize it with a necklace and cool watch. 

Sporty look with blazers 

Do you love wearing a blazer as a sporty style? Of course, who doesn’t! 

 Chic, sport, and summer-approved all rolled into one! Finally, a cool outfit you will desire to wear again and again. A biker shorts, blazer as a top cinched at the waist, and you don’t have to worry about excessive layers. Instead, show off the casual sporty element and style it with some fashion-forwarded sneakers from a trendy online boutique

 Keep your accessories to minimal, and perhaps a clutch would work well.

Girl next door vibe with blazer and summer dress 

It Is cute, easy, and lightweight to dress up or down according to the event. Don your summer dress with a blazer when in doubt. What about styling a shin-length white dress with a leather belt around the waist and pair it with some converse. They are great for walking and bring a perfect girl-next-door vibe to your look. 

Worn with a dressy blazer, such as a leopard print blazer from online boutique USA, it is the preferred summer blazer of choice. Also, tote and sunglasses are the other accessories you need to upgrade your look. 

Quick tips to keep in mind while wearing a blazer in summers:

  • Avoid materials like wool or fleece; instead, go for breathable and lightweight fabrics like linen. 
  • Opt for brighter colors or shades. The dark shades attract more heat. So do yourself a favor and go for lighter shades when it comes to styling a women’s blazer in summer. 
  • Dressing down your stylish blazer with some ripped denim or casual shorts. You will still maintain that office turn street style, and your legs also will thank you. Make blazers an iconic clothing staple. 
  • Always choose a structured blazer, don’t go oversize or loose-fitting in this one. It brings a sophisticated element to any of your outfits.  

Will you be rocking a blazer in these sizzling summer vibes?

A women’s blazer – a perfect summer garment to layer and style your outfit with. You name it, and it will work, wear it over a shirt, dress or sweater! Style it as alone or wear it as a coat over. It simply depends on the climate you are living in and also on occasion. Change up your mind by getting a blazer from a trendy online boutique and live up to this trend. Create some unexpected pieces and rock the bossy vibe!