Surfing Nicaragua is something that people dream of. Everything from warm water, empty waves, jaw-dropping scenery, delicious food and for someone who is new to waves, also some of the best beginner surf camps Nicaragua are there in every nook and corner of this beautiful country. As many people term it as the best place to surf, Nicaragua provides an unlimited amount of untapped beaches, points and reef breaks, and because of the geographical location and terrain, it has some of the most amazing offshore winds of anywhere in the world.

Apart from some of the best beginner beaches, Nicaragua provides a vast range of activities away from the salt, from ethereal volcanic landscapes, colorful colonial architecture and immaculate forests and national parks that are sure to cleanse the soul of travelers. There are various health benefits, both physically and mentally, that can be attained from surfing. Here are some merits of vacation surf camps:

1. Good sleep: Physical exercise helps in assisting with sleep because of the physical exhaustion that helps in fall asleep faster and longer, and because of the deep sleep, the body needs to repair the muscles worked from the day before. When outside, the temperature stays colder and after being tumbled by waves, it makes the traveler feel energized but gets depleted by the evening.

2. High level of flexibility: Better flexibility enables fluid surfing and also helps in the prevention of injuries both on and off the surfboard. The motion used by the shoulders is what is known as “shoulder dislocates” and is applicable in sports such as gymnastics and Crossfit. This motion helps in lubricating the joint and allows for a flexible range of movement if practiced with time.

3. Coordination & Balance: Learning to surf can be a bit difficult but that’s also one of the things that excite travelers. Standing up is really difficult and the sense of improved balance and coordination is achieved when the surfer stands on the board. This can also lead to overall better quality of life with growing age. Falling turns out to be a great risk for people with age who get serious or life-threatening complications from broken bones. Maintaining good balance, coordination and muscle strength is crucial for relishing later life and staying independent.

4. Improves heart health: Surfing is known as a great cardiovascular exercise. The workout that is done through surfing builds up heart strength with a mixture of paddling, standing on the board and working on core muscles. It creates an amazing feeling but the impact it has on the overall fitness by improving the heart health is impressive. When the body is trained to the point of being out of breathing overtime, it lowers blood pressure & resting heart rate, which decreases the risk of heart attacks, stroke and other diseases whilst keeping the person fit and healthy.

5. Relief from Stress: Stress can make life difficult and task completion turns out out to be a real challenge. Surfing allows an avenue for travelers to release their stress. One can momentarily forget their problems, become liberated, un-choked from the shackles of society. There is nothing else for the traveler to think about apart from their own board, their leash, and the oncoming waves.

Due to the size, it gets hard to summarise surfing in America. It receives swell from the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and even from the Great Lakes. Travelers can find every variant of wave when on an American surf holiday; from reeling point breaks, river mouths, a-frame beach break peaks, reefs and some great wave spots that prove a stay at surf camps USA will suit all surfers, from complete beginner to someone who is seasoned pro.