The world of tattoos every year is changing some of its most popular trends and proposals. The messages and meanings that men and women want to convey through their bodies are more intense, changing, looking for variants and developing new forms.

Therefore, today, we analyze little tattoo trends for 2020, the most requested designs, their meanings and alternatives to end up creating incredible tattoos. These insights come all the way from Europe, with the help of a tattoo artist, illustrator, and creative geek called Evaldas Gulbinas. The Slovenian has made a massive impact in the tattoo industry for his unique designs and artistic benchmark.

He is someone on a mission to transform creativity and help people understand the importance of inking. Evaldas has been featured in top-tier media outlets including “Creates Magazine”, “Skin Deep Tattoo”, and “Total Tattoo”.

Tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos became a trend a few years ago, mainly in the elections of men. They have different shapes and meanings depending on the style. The tribal tattoo is an ancient art that is related to the distinction of personal traits and belonging to a particular group. They also tend to be chosen to demonstrate fierceness, teamwork and companionship. Dwayne Johnson is a clear example of a lover of this type of tattoo.

Flower tattoos for women

Just as the choice of tribal tattoos in men remains a very popular trend for 2020, so are flowers. The designs are innumerable, with each flower having its own meaning and a design that can be customized at different levels according to each woman. In the latest trends in feminine tattoos with floral motifs, shoulders with large flowers or wrists and neck with slightly smaller flowers stand out.

Rose tattoos

Roses are still among the most chosen flower designs for tattoos. They represent love, beauty, but also strength and protection since with its thorns, the rose is protected from those who can damage it.

Lotus flower tattoos

Lotus flowers remain the most chosen by women when it comes to symbolizing aspects of great depth and spirituality. The lotus flower dazzles with its beauty and its strength, growing among the swampy waters and standing out for its colors and its beautiful forms. In tattoos, the lotus flower is a symbol of spiritual and religious breadth, as well as a celebration of the life and power of women.

Tattoos under the breasts

These tattoos, very popular in 2019 and with a strong tendency to stay around 2020, can take different designs. The important thing is the location, just below the breasts. Mystical symbols, letters or numbers, tattoos under the breasts are a bold and mischievous initiative that personalities like Rihanna have decided to implement.

Disney tattoos

The famous entertainment company today has absorbed several of the most important sagas of literature, movies and comics. That is why it is not surprising that there is a strong trend in Disney tattoos in both men and women. Whether Mickey, Captain America, Spider-Man or Darth Vader, Disney tattoos range from characters to symbols drawn from the magical worlds that explore their creations.

Propellers tattoos

These types of tattoos, mainly small, have become a strong trend in social networks. They emphasize the tattoos of propellers with floral motifs or lines, so much in the wrists as in the ears and in the neck.