An MBA degree opens up a world of opportunities that enhances one’s career. Earning an MBA degree in the desired field can give you a competitive edge in the competitive world. The MBA or a PGDM degree is offered in the different specialization that allows the students to gain knowledge as well as expertise in a particular domain. The top Indian MBA colleges are offering quality education to sharpen the skills of the students and help them climb the ladder of success. Here are some of the interesting facts about MBA specialization:

  1. There are more than 30 MBA specializations that are offered by the management institutes in India.
  2. Generally, people opt for finance, marketing, international management, and human resources as they have been the most sought-after specializations. They are generally considered the safest career option.
  3. As the industry needs are changing, different MBA specializations have been introduced such as business analytics, digital marketing, global MBA, and so on.

To make the right choice to shape your career, it is important to understand the different MBA branches. Most of the online MBA courses have a duration of 12-20 months, whereas the traditional MBAs last for two years. As per your understating, you can evaluate your options in terms of the per-week commitments.

The top 20 specializations in MBA 

A business or organization has complex functions as well as departments. During the MBA program, the business schools allow the students to take up courses in a certain domain as a part of their electives. When the students complete the elective courses, they are awarded an MBA with specialization in that particular area. It helps the students to focus on one domain and deepen their knowledge in the area of their specific interest. So, let’s have a look at the top 20 specializations in MBA.

  1. MBA in Finance
  2. MBA in Human Resource Management
  3. MBA in Information Technology (IT)
  4. MBA in Logistics Management
  5. MBA in Marketing Management
  6. MBA in Business Management
  7. MBA in Rural Management
  8. MBA in Health Care Management
  9. MBA in Operations Management
  10. MBA in Event Management
  11. MBA in Business Analytics
  12. MBA in Entrepreneurship
  13. MBA in Retail Management
  14. MBA in International Business
  15. MBA in Petroleum & Natural Gas Management
  16. MBA in Hospitality Management
  17. MBA in Strategy
  18. MBA in Innovation
  19. MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility
  20. MBA in Leadership

Alternative Courses

If you are not willing to pursue MBA for any reason, here are some alternative courses that can help you have a successful career without the MBA degree.

  1. Post Graduate Program in International Management
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)
  3. Post-Graduation Diploma in Risk Management
  4. Post-Graduation Diploma in Life Insurance
  5. Post-Graduation Diploma in General Insurance
  6. Post-Graduation Diploma in Actuarial Science
  7. MA Economics
  8. Master Of Marketing Management (MMM)
  9. Masters in Retail Management
  10. Masters in Management Studies(MMS)
  11. Master in Financial Management (MFM)
  12. Executive Program in Applied Finance
  13. CRISIL Certified Analyst Programme (CCAP)
  14. MSc in Finance
  15. MSc in Entrepreneurship
  16. MSc in Marketing
  17. MSc in International Business
  18. Chartered Financial Analyst
  19. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  20. Certified Management Accountant

So, here are some of the other courses which you can look forward to. For MBA, you can visit the website and grab all the details. Join now and make your dreams come true.