Earthy Scents is also known by a unique and different name which is known as Woody Perfumes of Woody Scents. Earthy Scents are very much soothing in nature as they add richness, intensity, luxury, and warmth to any fragrance and make it better than ever. Generally, this sort of notes is generated from Nature like – trees, moss, bark, pine cones, and roots, etc.

The main components of Earthy Scents contain creamy and sensual sandalwood, refreshing pine, musky patchouli, clean and sober wood of cedar, etc. These Earthy or Woody Scents apply to everyone i.e., it is made by perfume manufacturers especially for both of the sexes and this is the reason why these sorts of perfumes and scents are used widely in personal and home care products. These earthy scents are also used in the creation of some different and exotic fragrances of aromatic blends due to their soothing fragrance.

Earthy Fragrances

All of the Earthy Scents are combined with different fragrances that further on results information of different and new fragrances that are really soothing. The scents are mixed with some quantity of wood, cedar, grassy, spicy, aromatic, fruity, and floral notes to produce some awesome fragrances.

  1. Spicy – These fragrances are normally taken from different spices and are blended together with earthy scents to make a new sort of fragrance. Spices that are generally used are – cloves, cinnamon, cumin, and some wood notes. These all are used for winter season perfumes and they also add a unique fragrance and intensity to earthy scents.
  2. Aromatic – Aromatic fragrances are commonly found in herbs such as lavender, basil, rosemary, and sage provide fresh and soothing fragrance to earthy scents. All these aromatic fragrances are simply used in making masculine fragrances only. The scents that are made with the use of aromatic fragrances are one of the most sold types of earthy scents.
  3. Floral – Floral simply refers to flowers means it contains pleasant fragrances of different flowers. These types of scents are generally made for feminine. Some of the widely used floral fragrances are – rosy, mellow, dreamy, musky rose, buttery magnolia, sugary and warm mimosa.
  4. Fruity – This smell is also known by the name of Earthy fruity as these scents are made from different fruits and contain fragrances. This type of fragrances adds a soothing touch and is preferably used by the masculine. The fruity fragrance of peach, plum, and nectarines is used in creating such earthy scents.
  5. Citrus – These types of scents have a citric fragrance as they contain some citrus aspects such as tangy, acidic, lemon, juicy, and mandarin. These earthy scents are also used by masculine as these are soothing woody notes.

All the Earthy and Woody Scents are pleasing, extensive, and versatile in nature and this is the only reason why such perfumes are considered for use by everyone. All these facts add vibrancy to a scent and make it 100% complete. These perfumes are also used for personal and home care products such as used in scented candles, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and soaps.

Some of the widely used Earthy Perfumes

  1. Almond used as Classical Fragrance – This perfume is from the gourmand family of perfumes, consists of the fragrance of orange and meaty, and the fragrance of almond scents last long and it has a memorable fragrance.
  2. Black Current Tobacco used as Deodrants – This perfume is specially designed for masculinity and it is a body spray that gives you ever-lasting freshness. These perfumes contain various earthy notes such as – tobacco, sugary, woody, creamy, sandalwood, and vanilla.
  3. Bamboo Grass used as facial skincare products – The fragrance of such perfumes is a mixture of spicy, citrus, and aromatic scents. The components used in these sorts of perfumes are intense jasmine, woody, bamboo, ginger, and white tea bud.
  4. Natural Coconut Rosewood – The natural coconut perfumes contains the fragrance of fresh guava, milky coconut, and pineapple. These Earthy Scents also contain a base note of sandalwood, and cedarwood.
  5. Apple Blossom teak used in shampoo products – A top-notch fragrance with the fragrance of pear, mango, gingery, and crunchy apple. This earthy scent is used by both genders i.e. male and female. Such fragrance is a complete blend of earthy scents, natural woods, and amber.
  6. Santal used as Diffuser Oil – Santal comprises of elements that are sweet, spicy, cardamom oil, and earthly cedar. The fragrance of Santal is so soothing and refreshing and the smell is everlasting.

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