Life is a race. It is a race against time, constructive opportunities, and valuable chances. It is paramount to grasp the reins of life at the right time before it is too late. Success and affluence certainly do not come easily. One has to go to great lengths to fulfill the lust to stand out and rise as a second-to-none personality.

One constructive way to emerge as one of a kind is to step out of your comfort zone primarily. If you really break down the phrase “Stepping out of your comfort zone,” it means doing things that you don’t feel comfortable with doing. In simple words, it refers to getting out of your comfort levels and pushing yourself in unfamiliar places to do a thing that you would not normally do.

When your needs are met, the brain is convinced that everything is streamlined and perfect. Hence, your brain does not opt for change. It requires so much energy for day-to-day activities that it doesn’t want to give extra resources to the attention needed to do new things. However, to excel phenomenally and stand out in any respective metier, it is significant to think outside the box.

Listed below are some constructive ways to stave off comfortableness;

  • Become aware of what’s outside of your comfort zone
  • Put yourself in uncomfortable situations
  • Take risks
  • Become clear about what you are aiming to overcome
  • Get comfortable with discomfort
  • See failure as a teacher
  • Keep your spirits high
  • Take baby steps
  • Up your game
  • Think positive
  • Be honest with yourself when you are trying to make excuses
  • Follow your niche
  • Be creative
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Identify how stepping out will benefit you
  • Make the journey fun
  • Purge the distractions
  • Be passionate

The gains of stepping out of your comfort zone are phenomenal. It sparks exceptional creativity, which brings about a distinctive effect on your work and career. Embracing new experiences can do more than enrich your life and business career. Those new experiences could change your life and the direction of your career. Further, it initiates diversity in your career and unleashes your hidden talents and skills. In short, it brings about the best in you.

Barbara Bry from San Diego is a live example of a woman who has purged comfortableness and attained a high achieving diverse career through her hard work, dedication, and immense toil. She is a rip-roaring entrepreneur who has done multiple ventures through new experiences and has exceptionally succeeded in them. 

She is currently the chief operating officer of Blackbird Ventures that invests in and helps launch early-stage technology companies. The woman of dreams acquires a diverse career and has proven that one can relish the pleasures of exceptional success and prosperity by stepping out of your comfort zone.

She started her early career as a business writer for the Los Angeles  Times, which laid the foundation for her success as an entrepreneur in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Barbara started numerous companies and membership organizations. She has invested in early-stage companies and is known to take risks without fear. The remarkable lady has outstanding leadership roles in the non-profit sector. She is extensively active in the non-profit sector, including serving as President of the Children’s Museum of San Diego, a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Business Advisory Council, and a member of the National Advisory Council Innovation Entrepreneurship.

Bry has expertise in journalism. She served on the San Diego City Council and running to be the Mayor of San Diego.  The entrepreneur has a demonstrated track record of developing and implementing innovative business models across multiple sectors. The powerful women have top-grade expertise in strategic planning, general management, budgeting and finance, raising capital, and marketing and corporate communications. 

Barbara is the co-founder and board member of Atcom/Info that pioneered high-speed Internet access in hotel rooms. She has joined the initial management team of (Vice President, Marketing) that went public (Provide Commerce) and was sold to Liberty Media for $477 million. Additionally, the passionate woman is also the founder of Athena San Diego and Run Women Run; membership organizations started to empower women in the workplace and government.

The outstanding lady has acquired numerous awards, including induction into the San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame, the CONNECT Distinguished Contribution Award for Technology Innovation, and a YWCA Tribute to Women in Industry Award. Barbara grew up when women had fewer opportunities and struggled immensely to prove themselves and acquire a productive position.

She is a fine paradigm of someone who became everything from nothing through her self-made approach and hard work. The woman stepped out of her comfort zone to turn her dreams into reality. Whatever she today is a result and reward of her fearless personality.