Among the most sought-after fitness devices, there is the best fitness tracker with 24/7 heart rate,24/7 blood pressure, ECG, blood oxygen night monitoring, and scientific sleep.


This device allows you to monitor your heart rate through special HR sensors. The fitness tracker morePro v19 is also suitable for people with heart disease, high blood pressure, and people with apnea syndrome.


Blood pressure trackers are designed specifically for this function. In addition to the heart rate monitor, which monitors the number of heartbeats and therefore analyzes the heart rate, some wearables are also able to detect blood pressure or the force that the blood exerts inside the blood vessels. This parameter is quite important, in fact, it allows you to understand if the blood oxygenation level is correct.


During the day this value is subject to normal variations, for example following the consumption of meals, stress, physical activity, and different times of the day and night.


Correct blood pressure should be between 90 mmHG for the minimum and 140 mmHg for the maximum, otherwise, a condition of hypertension could occur. Wearables that offer dual function, heart rate, and pressure monitoring, are undoubtedly more accurate to check the heart during each activity.


The fitness tracker morePro v19 measures blood pressure, equipped with an HR sensor for heart rate monitoring and an additional sensor for ECG analysis. Depending on the device, the measurement can be carried out in various ways, for example by processing the data on heartbeats during the day, by performing some calculations integrated.


As clinical tools used by doctors are undoubtedly more precise, at the same time these devices offer a fairly reliable measure. Reliability depends on the quality of the fitness tracker, for this reason, it is advisable to always choose suitably and not too cheap devices. It is also important to take into account the lightness and comfort, since it should be worn all day, opting if possible for models that also offer warnings in the event of values outside the ideal parameters.