Your prestigious cars tend to age with time no matter how well you care for them. Given the deteriorating environmental conditions and the harsh treatment our vehicles receive, a one-year-old car feels as if it has been driven for the past five years. Many people often decide to ignore the condition of their vehicle while they are using it, but this cannot be the scenario when you plan to sell it away. Your vehicle must be in good working shape when you decide on selling. The way to sell my car will be to find an agency that can help you in the resale of your vehicle at an approximate value.

A potential buyer will look for all the loopholes if any, so to increase the resale value of your vehicle, you must take care of certain things.

Take Your Car to a Service Station

It is best to take your vehicle to a garage for repairs. All the minor and major faults must be fixed before you finalise the price of your used vehicle. The condition of your car plays a significant role in deciding the fair value. Comprehensive service at a reputed auto centre will give a fresh look to your vehicle. They will provide you with a car that will lease on life and will also replace all the faulty parts of the vehicle. Oil filters, exhaust, air filter, engine and brake oil, AC filter will be cleaned by them. The chances are positive that a prospective buyer will ask your vehicle for a test drive to check all the parts and different functions in the car.

Change Your Tyres

You must replace the tyres of your vehicle if they are not in good shape. Tyres are supposed to be the most important part of providing you safety and comfort while driving. Since tyres are the only link between the road and the vehicle, they must be in a properly working state. Nonetheless, your used car will be a new car for someone else and they should also feel it is a safe space for themselves. Safety starts with tyres themselves. It is highly important your tyres are properly aligned, balanced and the tyre tread depth of the tyre is not less than 1.6mm because less than this is not allowed in the UK. The tread of your tyres must not be rugged, it should be maintained because tyre tread helps disperse accumulated water and prevent aquaplaning. Frequent cleaning will also ensure that the wheels do not rust with time and that they remain operationally efficient.

Fix the Dents and Scratches From the Body

If you have any dents or scratches on your vehicle that might have taken place during a knockout or an accident, ensure that you get them fixed before putting your vehicle for sale. The scratches will decrease resale value and you might also lose some of your potential buyers.

You can get it repainted, or wrapped or you can just also get the dents and scratches fixed. Whatever you decide on doing, do it before you fix its price.

Clean the Car

This must be your first step when you decide on trading your vehicle. Clean your vehicle, wash it, scrub it and clean the interiors. With the floor mats, steering wheel cover, tyres, seat covers, you must wash everything present inside the car to give your vehicle a fresh look and smell. Take, for example, the foam wash or, in the case of the interiors, the steam procedure – not only will these techniques help you get your car clean from the inside out, but they will also ensure that the buyer gets the correct first impression of your automobile.

This way you will be able to sell my Rolls Royce for a good price.