Strength and agility training Orange County is very important, especially if you are participating in sports that require speed, strength and muscle memory such as snow skiing, football, soccer, and rugby. However, you have to do it right to get the most benefits. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

Infrequent training

It is better to train once a week than to not train at all. However, you will not get quality results if you practice infrequent training. If you can only manage to train once a week, it is better than nothing, but it is important to understand that each time you miss one of your workouts, it sets you back.

Lack of instruction or feedback

Instruction and feedback are the most important elements of speed training. If you are not doing the movements with the correct mechanics, you are simply reinforcing the mistakes you are trying to correct. That does not make sense. Would you practice your sporting activity with poor technique? Would a trainer ever watch you practice and not instruct you or give you feedback? The answer to both of the above questions is no. The same is true for speed and agility training. An experienced and qualified coach working with you will make a huge difference in the efficiency and quality of your training. The biggest problem here is that you can end up thinking that training does not work and you get discouraged.

You need a trainer for your strength and agility training. Your training will not work well if you don’t have an instructor. You might become very tired but the results you are hoping for are not going to be realized. Quality coaching can change this and help you achieve great results from your training.

Non-specific training

A lot of athletes and coaches out there simply run through drills they watch on YouTube. While this is better than doing nothing, using toys like agility hurdles or a ladder has nothing more than conditioning and general fitness if you are not selecting the correct drills to do and doing them with the maximum intensity. You need to ensure that you are great at the movements you have to do on the field and not just do random drills. Do not spend a lot of time on this when you can spend time and energy perfecting important movements such as acceleration, deceleration, sprinting, cutting, jumping and turning with great mechanics.


Professional and college athletes continue to improve their athleticism and speed by training consistently. You do not see them train for a couple of months and stop for a couple of months. They are always consistent in performing agility, speed, strength and mobility drills to make constant improvements. It takes a few weeks of consistent training to see the fruits of our hard work but it will just take a few weeks to lose it all.

If you want to get the most from your strength and agility training Orange County then you should ensure you are consistent with your workouts.