You absolutely agree with me that our go-to spots to purchase products were brick-and-mortar stores and shopping malls. Of course, eCommerce reigns supreme, but that doesn’t mean merely having an e-commerce website is enough to be successful.

Ecommerce websites are prone to issues of SEO that derail your ability to reach new prospects. Site owners need to stay aware of pitfalls and be proactive about avoiding them. There are several challenges that websites have to go through when it comes to SEO and certain mistakes to avoid in your eCommerce business. It depends entirely on what type of site you are running.

Let’s discuss the biggest challenges and how you can properly address them with the assistant of a Dallas SEO company and drive towards company growth.

Overcoming ways of few depressing SEO challenge

Focus on elaborating products/services 


An eCommerce website consists of thousands of products, and upto a certain extent, they are automated. There are a number of difficulties while providing a strong product/service description that is available on your website. It leads to poor SEO quality when it comes to content and offering value to the reader.

For example, search engines will find very little to negligible unique content to crawl, and with so many pages to rank and crawl, no new content results in no SEO exposure. It should be an 1800+ average word range of pages to rank first on Google.

You need to update as much product/service information as possible, especially those you want to rank on. Try to work on duplicate content and go for the unique one for the items you have.

Low-quality content will not work

Content should be high quality. You can’t afford to neglect the quality of content. The need for quality increases after Google’s Panda Algorithm releases. It is even more vital to feature content that is relevant to audiences. Focus on writing easy to read product descriptions that lure your audience.

Don’t fall into that the products for sale are enough. It’s not! SEO services Dallas will work on quality content to bring users to your site and convince them to make it worth their while.

Website loading speed – Every second counts!

SEO-services-DallasThe loading speed is one of the main reasons why visitors leave your website. If you are running an eCommerce site, you should not avoid it’s time for your website to load.

Every second counts, and the longer it takes, the higher the chances of low conversion rate, high bounce rate, and so on. The website loading time should be between 2 to 3 seconds. Anything above 3 seconds tends to lose visitors, and in return, you will lose revenue.

Get a good hosting service

Good hosting will be a solution to this problem:

  • Do some website tweaks by installing cache plugins and optimize it further.
  • Go through the genuine web hosting reviews on the web and select the best hosting for your site.
  • Read on multiple reviews from different sources and validate the findings to jump finally on a solution.

Use image optimization 

Ecommerce sites have a list of thousands of products, and it is hard to optimize a website. Along with that, each product contains multiple images that need to be optimized. So consider this from the beginning by using image optimization techniques such as compression.

SSL Certified 

For any website, SSL is essential. It is important when it comes to eCommerce. It is part of technical SEO that provides security and improves SEO according to the terms of Google.

It makes sure to protect the content that is shared between users and the website. Visitors are more likely to trust a website that has SSL as they can use their payment information without worrying about stealing data. It is not hard to get SSL for your website.

Designing and redesign of the site 

SEO-agency-DallasOne of the huge challenges here is to redesign an eCommerce website that has a responsive, proper, and supportive multiple screen size. Unfortunately, many new websites focus on getting their site online without brainstorming their design and optimize it for SEO and user experience.

When it has decent traffic and content, it seems to be a tough challenge. However, it can be a huge growth change if it’s done correctly. SEO agency Dallas will help to redesign client websites and notice a 75% increase in organic traffic.

Controlling user experience

You need to find many eCommerce websites that don’t let users review products or manage them properly for the initiators. This approach can severely damage a website’s SEO. It results in 30% growth when you are putting reviews on the eCommerce website.

For an eCommerce website, it’s essential to know both positives and negatives that enable user review on your website. When you see it from an SEO perspective, it’s better to have thoughts of users enabled on your site.

Handle reviews to ensure having a better impact on your website. Don’t allow random discussion and avoid unnecessary to keep your eCommerce site SEO healthy.

Consistent monitoring and adjusting 

Lastly, search engines change day by day, and you need to monitor consistently by adjusting various SEO aspects of your site. For example, an eCommerce site needs to add or remove products, discount pages from time to time. Make sure that none of the changes should adversely affect your SEO parameters.

  • Keep track of how Google recognizes your website.
  • Keep track of keywords.
  • Monitor Backlinks.
  • Stay on top of on-site errors (404 error)

Behind every toil, there is an opportunity for growth! 

SEO is the looking glass, and the opportunities are existing within your site. You just need help from a Dallas SEO company team to unravel them. Each enterprise faces different challenges, but the stem of issues is inherent to many organizations. When you are performing through challenges with your team structure and taking certain measures to match the varying technologies – we can help! With visibility, actionable insights, and automated processes, it gets easier to identify opportunities for growth across all your marketing efforts