As the pandemic continues to sweep across the globe, online dating has taken on a new and vital role, making it one of the only places for singles to meet potential partners outside of the aisles in their local supermarkets. 

Bumble, one of the world’s most popular dating apps available in 150 countries, has rocketed to popularity, considerably increasing its market value to more than $13bn. Bumble, which also owns popular networking site Badoo, is a platform created by Ms. Wolfe Heard and is backed by Russian Billionaire Andreey Andrews, the founder of Badoo. 

Over the years, applications such as Bumble and Baddoo have made it increasingly easier for single people to find one another. As the amount of single people increases worldwide, applications like this increase in demand

Bumble was created to be a platform where women make the first move and are in control. Unlike most dating apps, on Bumble, only females can contact potential males they are interested in from a list of matched users. Considering same-sex interests means either person can send the message first. The two apps have a combined 40million active users, and so, considering the number of users, here’s a look at how you can make your profile stand out. 

What to consider when putting together your dating profile

Group Photos

Although group photos are great, it can be quite tricky for those interested to identify who you are in the picture. The way the apps are designed to work is fast and easy. Considering how easy it is to swipe left or right, you need to make sure your profile picture is clear to the other person. 

Group photos do show that you are sociable and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Still, if the users have difficulties locating you in the picture, they may mistake you for another person in your image. . 

So what images should you use?

Choosing your profile picture can be quite difficult. However, if you consider your hobbies and the things you like to do, it could be worth including these types of images in your profile. For example, if you enjoy traveling, instead of just writing it in your profile, use a picture of you at one of your favourite holiday destinations to help compliment the statements made in your profile. 

Using the right words

All online dating apps work differently, so you have to consider what you would like to say and how best to convey your message. Many of them include a section where you can input a few words about yourself, and this is what the other person is most likely to read. It’s vital to make sure you write something and don’t leave it blank, open for interpretation, or seeming like you don’t really care or are not serious about finding someone. 

Avoid using overused phrases. Keep the description short, sweet, and snappy. Giving the other person a small insight into who you are without boring them. Add a bit of your own personality into it to make it unique and stand out from the rest.  

Pick up lines 

If you are new to the app, you may get approached with some peculiar opening lines, which take some time to get used to. If you find someone, you would like to start a conversation with, instead of merely saying ‘Hi.’ Why not take a look at their profile picture or what they have written and pick up on something from there. Making your first interaction with them amusing or complimentary while keeping it personal will always make them want to reply as they can see the effort you have gone through.

Romance Fraud 

Unfortunately, throughout the pandemic, Romance fraud has been steadily rising. Many scammers use the pandemic to their opportunity and take advantage of those feeling alone and isolated. Many use the right emotive language to win over their victims by telling them what they want to hear and show a fake interest in starting a relationship. 

Once the victim is fully invested, they begin to ask for money and for victims to buy them goods such as smartphones and laptops. Many victims have also been laundering money for criminal gangs putting them in sticky situations unknowingly. 

The best way to avoid romance fraud scammers is to pick up on early signs such as asking you for money or taking out loans for them under your name, or even asking you to purchase material goods for them. If you do come across something like this, you can get in touch with the appropriate application management.