The field of works regarding graphic designing has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two decades. It also appears that this growth has no intention of slowing down in the near future. Graphic design is on a related course with experience design. Print is already nearly dead as a medium of expression, but design has always been more important. The future of graphic design is going to rise to new heights by being associated with other works like 3D printing and augmented reality.

There are more than 2 lakhs of graphic designers who are working across the country as of right now. The demand is increasing rapidly and so will the number of jobs available nowadays.


Recent studies have shown that in 2019 alone, this industry had generated revenue of $15 billion with a growth rate of 3.5% annually. Moreover, it is expected to only increase further at a rate of 2.7% to become a stronger industry.


If you harbor an interest in the works regarding art and computers and enjoy creating creative and unique graphic designs, this field of work might be right for you. There are various different types of graphic design careers that you can easily pursue once you complete your degree in graphic designing and become a successful employee or a freelance graphic designer.

Works of a graphic designer

The experts in the field of graphic designing are responsible for creating appealing and pleasing images that can accompany a written text. Their duties are meeting with the clients to talk about their expectations and budget, using various up to date tools and software to complete the given projects and revising the current projects if needed. They also need to design logos, labels etc.


There are several works which you can easily choose if you want to become a successful person in the near future.

Designer with User experience

The user experience designers—or the UX designers—are responsible for making the products and services more enjoyable for those persons who use them. They run various types of tests on products and services to make sure they have good functionality and tweak them as necessary.

UX designers have earned a good and strong place in the world of web designing. They’re often tasked with the crucial job of making sure that the product is fully functional for users, without carrying any kind of issues.

In order to be a good and successful UX designer, you need to specialize yourself in thinking outside the box. You also need to identify and fix problems before users have the chance to meet those problems while using them.

Working as a creative director

It’s not a secret that the magazine industry or printing media are facing dangers at some point in the not-too-distant future. People just don’t want to buy magazines like they used to—and many publishing industries are struggling to survive as a result of it.

With that kind of situation in mind, being a creative director in the field of designing or at a magazine company might not be one of the graphic design careers around in 10 or 20 years. But there’s still a big scope for creative directors to become successful in other industries.

With having a degree in graphic design and some experience, you could easily become the creative director for various companies like:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Films
  • Video games companies

You’ll be in charge of creating and setting the tone for these things by the help of your creative direction. It’ll definitely be a tough task, but it’s a great and beneficial challenge for those who love to do works with graphic design.

Freelance graphic designer- be your own boss

Arguably the best and most crucial part about working as an expert in the field of graphic designing is that you can dip your toe into different industries as per your own choice. You don’t have to bind yourself down and work according to the choices of just one company.

Experts predict that nearly half of the American workforce will be working from home very soon.  Hence, you can easily be a part of this idea by starting your career as a freelance graphic designer.


As long as you have the right ideas regarding the tools of graphic design, like this computer on LP.NET, you can increase your client list as the time passes. You’ll be in high demand and get many offers to work when you give great services as an expert in the field of graphic design.


Working as a marketing specialist

Maximum numbers of small businesses are advised to invest near about 7%-8% of their profits on the field of marketing. Marketing is a very crucial and important requirement of all businesses, no matter how their working procedure or products might be.

There is a stable place in the field of marketing for the graphic designers who can create unique strategies that can easily attract the attention for the companies. Graphic designers can work with the companies regarding the works related to:

  • Branding the materials
  • Social media images,  GIFs and videos
  • Graphics of the websites

Marketing is the field which is always essential for any kind of business, big or small. The marketing industry is the one area that will always be a good place to work for the graphic designers of these days. 

Using pictures instead of texts

Websites are mainly filled with a good amount of texts and some numbers of pictures.

However, websites like Pinterest give more emphasis on pictures instead of using texts, hence in this case the future is strong for the expert graphic designers or freelance graphic designers who are good in creating innovative and unique pictures.

Working in the field of 3D printing

Both the augmented reality and virtual reality experiences to help and allow the people to get inside the experience whether it’s for educational, recreational or occupational purposes. Designers, mainly the graphic designers, will be in charge of developing those worlds for people to join and become happy. By the same case, augmented reality will also allow many expert designers to unchain and free themselves from the stiffening and old ideas on the go and creating some more real-world elements.

3D printing will help the graphic designers to stay up to date regarding the various types of industry trends and move with a faster speed. As this kind of technology becomes more available to the masses, the need for creating quality designs will be much greater.


Graphic design is important to all kinds of fields of work. Not only do you need to create and offer business cards, postcards or flyers  for your business but graphic designing is also important and effective in the digital world as well.

Maximum number of business owners and marketers know that content is the real king. However, the best type of content contains too many words and a good number of users will run away before finishing the full content. Therefore, the best way to make the content more attractive and easier for the users to understand Is the way to decorate the content with some special and appealing pictures, memes, info-graphics, slideshows or even videos. 

As for the future of graphic designers, or freelance graphic designers or good freelance seo expert, the artists are definitely going to see a rapid increase in the demand of visual contents more than the old and traditional ideas.