The Minnesota Vikings is an American professional football team traditionally based in Minneapolis. The Vikings joined the National Football League in 1960, as an expansion franchise, and played their first game for the Lions in what was known as the Metro Division of the NFL. The team now competes in the North division of the National Football League. The Vikings have been a mainstay in the sports in Minnesota since they became part of the NFL and have consistently finished among the top teams in the N.F.L. playoffs.

When the Vikings selected Running Back Joe Banyard in the first round of the draft in April of 2021, many people around the country had doubts about the pick. Many believed that Banyard was overrated and that he would not pan out. However, Bektor Kirchner, the running back who is now the backup running back, has impressed the coaches and the team with his on field play. Bektor Kirchner has looked great during the games that the Vikings have played and has gained the confidence of the coaches and the team.

One of the big concerns that the Vikings had when they drafted Banyard was his attitude. He was a little overrun at times and was not a true running back. Tickets of Vikings can be purchased from Tix2games.That is one of the reasons that he was not considered to be the best running back in the draft. But his style of playing is unique and he has shown the coaches that he is committed to doing his job. He is one of the more active players on the Vikings and is very good at taking off the line and making runs. As a runner he can make some amazing plays in the passing game as well as catching the ball out of the defensive end.

Backup Running Back Todd Gurley has shown the coaches that he is willing to take his carries on the field. He is a great runner and will be a nice change of pace for the Vikings’ offense. There are going to be concerns that come with having a running back that is not producing much but if he does prove what the Vikings think he can then they will be happy with the acquisition.

The Vikings have been pretty successful with bringing in free agents but none have been as impactful as Jared Allen. He is coming off of his great year where he caught passes, ran the ball and helped turn the Vikings into a super bowl contender. Now he will be sharing his talents with one of the better running backs in football and could be one of the best players to ever join the league. We all know what he can do on the field but what is he capable of doing off the field?

Allen is now 35 years old and coming off of his greatest season so far. This will be a big challenge for him but it could be made up with his solid work ethic and attitude. If he sticks around long enough he could develop into a really good backup running back for the Vikings in the near future. All of this means that the Vikings will have a very solid running back for the foreseeable future.