Finding the perfect gift for the holidays can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. If you know that the loved ones in your life can’t live without their iPads or technology, then iPad accessories are a great way to go. And, if you have someone in your family or friend circle with a love for the newest iPad Mini, an iPad Mini case hits the nail on the head.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a 6th generation iPad Mini case that will blow you away. Simple, but reliable, this case is a great mixture of style and protection. And, with more than a few standout features, it’s the perfect gift — whether for yourself or someone else.

Let’s take a dive into why we think this case is well worth the investment.

Adjustable Magnetic Stand

Being able to watch your favorite TV shows or movies comfortably is essential. And, since everyone uses their device differently, there are countless reasons why someone may want to use their iPad from different angles. Unfortunately, many iPad cases have attached stands that aren’t sturdy and don’t have a great degree of flexibility. These stands are often just barely able to hold the device’s weight, leading to annoying slipping, sliding, and falling of the device while it’s propped.

Thankfully, with this iPad mini case, you don’t have to worry about an unstable stand. The stand is designed for ultimate durability and can easily hold the weight of the device for hours at a time. In fact, there are strong magnets in the stand that keep it securely in place once it is propped. These magnets ensure that the legs of the stand aren’t in danger of the slipping and sliding that can come with other stands.

Magnetic Mount Capability (on any metal surface)

If you need a hands-free option that isn’t the adjustable stand, the magnet mounting on this case comes in handy. Incredibly strong magnets in the back of the case make it possible to mount the case to any flat metal surface. This is a very useful feature if you need to use your device, but can’t hold it or use the stand. For example, if you’re in the kitchen whipping up a dish for a holiday dinner, you can follow the recipe on your iPad by simply mounting it to any of your stainless steel or metal appliances.

As long as the surface is free from other items, the device will securely attach to it and remain attached until it is removed. Because of the strength of the magnets, you don’t need to worry about gravity causing the iPad Mini to drop once it’s mounted. And, to remove it, simply pull the device towards you gently to release the magnetic hold,

Major, Military-grade Drop Protection

Protecting your device is the main mission of a case. That’s why this case is made from high-quality hard plastics that are guaranteed to last for years to come. The hard plastics, thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, are so durable that they are used to manufacture safety equipment and bullet-resistant glass.

A benefit of using high-quality materials is that the final product is also of amazing quality. Due to the durability of the shell of this case, it has major, military-grade drop protection. The shell is outfitted with bumpers along the edges that are shock-absorbing and intended to keep the shockwaves from impact from causing damage to the device. To receive the “military-grade” label, this case was drop tested multiple times from a height of at least five feet. Only after the case was determined to have protected the device from sustaining damage could it be labeled as military-grade — the highest level currently available.

Auto Sleep/wake Activation Protective Cover

The automatic sleep/wake feature on an iPad is usually one of its most convenient features. However, this feature can only be activated by a specially designed, magnetized cover, which this case has.

The protective cover on this case not only activates the sleep/wake feature of your device, but it also adds a layer of security for your screen. If your device is dropped on its face and the cover is closed, your device’s screen can escape obtaining damage such as scratches and cracks. Fixing a device’s screen can be costly and, as they say, prevention is better than cure.

To activate the sleep/wake feature, simply close the cover and your device’s screen will darken and “sleep”. Sleep mode saves battery life and having your screen closed protects against accidental touches and damage. When you’re ready to use your device again, you can open the cover and the device will “wake up” by brightening the screen.

Elastic Apple Pencil Pocket

Gifts don’t always have to be practical, but this iPad Mini case ipad pro 12.9 case 4th generation certainly is. It has an Apple Pencil pocket on the back that makes it quick and easy for you (or the gift receiver) to store the accessory. Because the pocket is elastic, it stretches to hold the pencil and provides a secure and snug storage location.

And, unlike some other storage pockets, the material of the pocket is soft and won’t cause tiny scratches to the body of the pencil. The Apple Pencil can be safely stored without fear of it falling out of the pocket or being damaged by being placed into the pocket.