When companies have difficulty recruiting the right candidate, a nonprofit staffing agency can be the most promising quick solution of any kind. However, you certainly have to make sure that you hire a reputable and trustworthy staffing agency.

Recruitment of staffing agencies provides advantages for companies, especially in recruiting difficult roles. Staffing agencies are the people who invest to build reliable recruitment resources over the years, so job hunting is their forte.

The reason the staffing agency is beneficial for the company

Effective recruitment process

Great candidates are obtained from an effective recruitment process, namely through a precise and rigorous selection and assessment. The staffing agency has an effective process that ensures finding candidates with outstanding qualifications and mastering specific skills. With a super tight selection, staffing agencies only recommend candidates who are truly talented and right for the role that the client is looking for.

Dedicated professional team

Unlike HR companies who have various duties and responsibilities from taking care of employee administration to recruiting, staffing agencies are professionals who specialize in their fields. They are dedicated and focused on recruitment as a profession. Staffing agencies understand the industry they specialize in, the skills required to carry out the role, and how and where to find candidates with such skills. They have also accomplished negotiators who are able to approach and influence great candidates to join client companies.

Access promising recruiting resources

A common difficulty companies experience is obtaining recruitment sources that promise quality candidates. Job advertisements generate a large number of applicants, but it may be difficult to find the candidate you’re looking for among the hundreds of resumes. Meanwhile, staffing agencies have more promising recruitment sources. They have networks and talent pools with profiles that have been rigorously curated through skills and competency assessments. Because of this, staffing agencies give you access to recruitment resources that provide the best talent.

The efficiency of recruitment costs

How much did it cost you to hire an employee? According to studies, the average cost of hiring a candidate is around 4,000 USD. This is not a cheap fee, especially if the candidate is unsatisfactory and you have to re-recruit. Staffing agencies offer more efficient costs, that is, you only pay a recruitment fee of around 20-30 percent of an employee’s annual salary. The fee is paid once you find a candidate. You pay nothing if you don’t recruit a candidate.

Risk-free recruitment

Hiring nonprofit interim staff leaves you free of the risk of failing to find candidates or worse, hiring the wrong people. With nonprofit staffing agency expertise, rigorous processes, and promising recruitment resources, you’ll be hiring the right person. Nonprofit staffing agencies do not work for one-time clients. They tend to build long-term relationships, so they want to make sure their services can really help the client’s needs find the right candidate. Therefore, usually, staffing agencies also provide guarantees for clients for a certain period of time to ensure that the candidates they recommend can carry out their roles properly.