You may have noticed various brands packaging their products in sleeve boxes. But why? The answer to this is that using innovative and eye-catching packaging is every manufacturer’s main concern. Moreover, it is vital to use packaging that gives customers an exceptional unboxing experience. Hence, manufacturers usually opt for these boxes to enhance their packaging. Custom sleeve boxes have a unique and sleek design. Furthermore, their unboxing is not only efficient but elegant as well.

So, read this out to find some shocking truths about these boxes that will make them your go-to packaging as well.

Can Be Used For a Wide Range of Products

One of the best things about these boxes is that they can be used for various products. For example, you can use them for jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, lotions, chocolate, and even macarons. Thus, their versatility makes them a popular choice among various manufacturers.

In addition to this, you can also customize the boxes’ size and shape according to your requirements. You can further customize the design according to your products by adding inserts. Inserts will help to keep the products in place and prevent them from getting damaged. So, adding inserts is an excellent choice, especially if your products are small and fragile. You can use any insert you find suitable for custom sleeve packaging. Some of the inserts you can use are cardboard, paper, and punch inserts. Furthermore, you can also order customized inserts for better results.

Select Any Material of Your Choice

It is crucial to choose the right material if you want to create sturdy boxes. By choosing a strong material, you can give maximum protection to your precious products and increase their shelf life as well. Moreover, you will also be able to deliver the promised products to customers and increase consumer satisfaction. In addition to this, all customizations, such as colors, will look stunning on high-quality materials.

You can select any suitable material according to your needs. For instance, you can use kraft material if you are looking for an eco-friendly material. Kraft material is completely biodegradable and can be recycled as well. These unique qualities make it an excellent choice for creating fantastic boxes while preserving the environment.

In addition to this, cardstock is also a suitable choice for the boxes. Cardstock is also referred to as pasteboard and is easily available at any packaging company. This material can be used to make durable, yet cheap sleeve packaging. You can also opt for rigid material for the boxes as well. This material can be customized in different ways and keeps the products safe during deliveries as well.

Modify the Design to Create the Ideal Boxes

The box is the first thing a customer sees. Therefore, the first impression matters a lot. If the packaging does not seem interesting to the customers, there is a high chance that they’ll skip your product and move on to the next one. This can cost you a lot of important sales. Hence it is vital to create a design that grabs the customers’ attention and makes them stop in their tracks.

First of all, to create such boxes, it is necessary to select a color combination. Vibrant and bright colors can help to catch people’s attention. Furthermore, it is beneficial to use a color scheme that represents your products and your brand. You can also select a color model of your choice for the boxes as well. The following models are available at packaging companies:

  • CMYK
  • PMS

Secondly, you can also select any suitable coating for the custom sleeve boxes. The right coating can serve as an excellent background for further customizations. So, if you want to give the packaging a soft and shiny finish, gloss coating is the right choice for you. However, if you want to achieve a matte look, you can use matte coating as well.

Select From Various Add-Ons

So, you’ve made all the basic customizations, but the design just doesn’t seem right? Then use add-ons! Packaging companies offer you a wide range of add-ons that you can use to make the custom packaging sleeves better than ever. Add-ons can make the boxes look luxurious and modern. Furthermore, they help you give the boxes a few finishing touches. For instance, you can use spot UV to give the boxes of gloss and matte coatings simultaneously. On the other hand, you can use embossing for an exceptional logo. Some other add-ons include:

  • Foil stamping.
  • PVC windows.
  • Die-cutting.
  • Debossing

Enhance the Packaging with Personalized Printing

Another amazing quality of these boxes is that you can easily use customizable printing to enhance their design. Hence, you can select a beautiful and unique pattern or add some pictures to make the design artistic and appealing. You can also use printing to include necessary details about your products as well. Furthermore, you can also order custom-printed sleeve boxes with your logo and brand name as well.

Packaging companies also give you the facility of selecting your preferred printing technique. So, you can choose any technique from the following:

  • Flexography printing.
  • Digital printing.
  • Offset printing.

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