If you constantly get stressed with work and experience frequent anxiety, you might find that practicing the art of mindfulness and meditation can help. Relaxing activities like these can help significantly lower stress, worries, and overall, help unwind your mind.

However, research also suggests that the art of aromatherapy using essential oils can work the same way as mindfulness and meditation. So, if you are curious to try this method, here are six popular essential oils that you can use to de-stress your mind and calm your senses.

Lavender Essential Oils

When it comes to the best-known essential oils for stress and anxiety, lavender oil is the best choice. It has extremely calming effects on the mind and body, which can lower stress and soothes anxiety.

Due to the soothing scent of lavender, the oil is also used in other aromatherapy products like massage oils, bath salts, and so on. You can also find lavender-based food products like herbal tea, which can also help calm your mind.

Bergamot Essential Oils

Another well-known essential oil to help treat stress and anxiety is the bergamot essential oil. This scent is widely used in the world of aromatherapy as it is directly sourced from citrus fruit peel. This particular scent helps to lessen stress levels.

Other than fighting off stress and anxiety, bergamot essential oil can also work wonders for your skin! So, the next time you go for a bath, add a few drops of the oil, and enjoy!

However, some people can find this oil to be irritating on the skin. Therefore, it is always advisable to do a trial test before you indulge in a bergamot bath.

Neroli Essential Oils

If you are looking to buy essential oils for stress with both sweet and spicy aroma, neroli essential oil is the best option.

The best way to reap these essential oil benefits is by inhaling them. Simply sprinkle a few drops onto a towel and breathe the scent in. However, you can also use an aromatherapy diffuser.

Lemongrass Essential Oils

It is not uncommon for some people to turn to lemongrass essential oils to relieve them of anxiety. Therefore, if you want to buy essential oils for stress, there is no better option than lemongrass essential oil.

This refreshing scent comes from Cymbopogon citrates, also known as the lemongrass herb. Moreover, you can enjoy the effects of this oil by inhaling it or mixing it with a carrier oil and combining it on the skin.

You can be sure that this oil will reduce the symptoms and effects of anxiety while also promoting healthy feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Yuzu Essential Oil

Japanese yuzu essential oils are a type of scent that has been used for a long time in aromatherapy. The effects of yuzu on the mind are extremely calming and relaxing, and the scent itself is now known as the natural solution for stress.

It is believed that inhaling the citrus scent of this essential oil can help reduce sympathetic nervous system activity, negative emotional stress, and so on. That, in turn, promotes feelings of relaxation.

Additionally, inhaling this aroma for just 10 minutes can help decrease anxiety levels as well.

Orange Essential Oils

Looking for ways to unwind after a long, strenuous day at work? Why not trying inhaling the sweet, citrusy aroma of orange?

In fact, doing this just for a few minutes can alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety while also promoting relaxation.

Another variation of the orange essential oil is the bitter orange essential oil. This is sourced from Citrus aurantium and has been found to reduce feelings of anxiety while boosting feelings of serenity.

Wrapping Up

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils have been in existence for a long time. Essential oils benefits are numerous. Other than suppressing the symptoms of stress and anxiety, essential oils can also help promote and boost positive feelings like serenity and calmness.

So, if you are looking for ways to unwind after a long stressful day, simply pick up one of the essential oils from Lavinty, and float away into a land free of worry!