Lipstick is without a doubt, one of the most iconic and distinct makeup products to ever be created. Even after all these centuries, it is still something we hold onto and treasure in our daily lives. Y et Beaute has somehow been able to grab hold of this step in our beauty routines and elevate it beyond what we may have been used to.

One of the major concepts that Y et Beaute is driven by is transformation. Just with a passing thought you might have a fair idea of what that means for the brand and how it relates to lipsticks in particular. Makeup is transformative by nature. We’ve seen so many incredible makeup artists completely change the way their models look with makeup and prosthetics, we understand that much. But when you look closer at this brand and what they are doing with their products, you see that there is much more to it than that. Y et Beaute is not creating special effects products or costume makeup meant for the stage. They are making simple, luxurious products like cream bullet lipsticks that can be used everyday. That is where the transformation takes place.

They understand the power in subtlety and the difference a beautiful shade of lipstick can make. The right shade and formula of lipstick can change the way you look and feel, setting the tone for the day. A lipstick can brighten your mood and make you feel more confident with how you look. We sometimes hear women say this about a classic red lip changing how they feel for the day, but you can really create these results with any shade of lipstick that makes you feel this bold and confident, be it a nude lip color or a more vampy shade. A lipstick can also define a look and make it feel fully cohesive. Even if you are heading to work with a very minimal approach to makeup, the application of a confidence-inducing lipstick can bring it all together to create a distinct look. It might be subtle from the outside perspective, but you can feel the difference that your favorite lipstick makes. Y et Beaute understands that, and passes that along to anyone interested.

Something about Y et Beaute that stands out in the mind is its spot-on understanding of the beauty experience in an ordinary day. Applying your makeup does not have to be a routine you follow daily because you feel like you have to do it. It can be a ritual that gives you a little more confidence to go about your day. You feel more like yourself and more prepared to handle whatever the world throws at you. Not many things can make someone feel that way, so it is especially fascinating that it is something so small and simple doing the trick. It is only a lipstick, but it creates a luxurious feeling to apply and reapply during the day. It gives you a moment to recompose yourself as you like and present yourself to the world in the way that you see yourself. You can get so much from a single, luxurious lipstick made from high-quality ingredients. We would definitely recommend taking a look at their lipsticks online at and giving them a chance in your day-today life. It could make a noticeable difference in how you feel and how you present yourself to others.

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