Local and international health organizations have been intensifying their drive to put a stop to deaths caused by rabies, indicating the seriousness of this viral disease. That is why each year, many countries celebrate Rabies Day or other similar campaigns to raise awareness about it.

These efforts focus on educating the public about the dangers and symptoms of rabies, as well as treatment and preventive measures to manage this health issue better, which is costly, by the way.

According to the World Health Organization, rabies requires billions of dollars every year in treatment expenses. Families who cannot afford them risk losing a loved one. Statistics about the number of cases of rabies infection across the world are quite alarming, too.

Fortunately, rabies can be prevented through vaccination. If you keep pets at home, it is your responsibility to bring them to a veterinarian for immunization shots. You could also be proactive by having yourself immunized, especially if your job involves handling live animals, including dogs, cats, horses, cows, goats, monkeys, bats, and more.

Educating yourself and the people around you about the risks, methods of transmission, prevention, and treatment of rabies can help save lives. Here is an infographic to get you started.