Relaxation, detoxifying, cleansing, pain relief, and many more concepts of wellness seem quite difficult to understand as well as achieve. People opt for heavy doses of medicines, painful treatments, and sturdy schedules to solve various health-related problems they face on a daily basis. Living in the current age of unhealthy living standards, we need a modern and advanced method in order to live a healthy life.

Luckily, whenever we feel hopeless with our health-related problems, infrared healing from Therasage comes in for the rescue. With the vision to provide wellness through nature and infrared healing, the company has become an icon for healing products made from harmless infrared healing energy. Before diving further into the highly effective Therasage products, we must have a good understanding of the mechanism of infrared healing energy.

Infrared Healing Energy

Infrared healing energy is one of the innovative therapies that is being used to treat patients facing various health-related issues. Such healing requires certain wavelengths of light that are delivered to the body which penetrate through the skin to soothe/treat the affected area. If the word ultraviolet light comes into your mind while you read this then know that, unlike ultraviolet light, the infrared waves are not damaging to the skin i.e. the tissues and cells of the body.

Did you know that the infrared healing process improves the circulation of blood in your body? That’s right. The infrared light is highly beneficial for the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in your body thus helping your body to heal faster and relieve pain. The heating sensation of infrared light is similar to that of sunlight. When exposed to the sun, your skin naturally absorbs infrared heat every day without causing any damage to your body.

Once your body consumes the infrared photoreceptors through cells, a series of metabolic events are generated. Eventually, it triggers certain natural processes on your cellular system that help your body treat body pains and reduce inflammation.

Using a positive, natural, and healthy way to treat various diseases is highly beneficial for your wellness in the long run which is why Therasage aims for sustainability to outstand the current healthcare system.

Introducing Therasage

Infrared healing is indeed unique and not only that, the healing mechanism is natural, safe, and damage-free. Therasage designs products that are made with the motive of quality and constant supervision to ensure wellness to the buyers. What else makes the company beneficial to the whole society? It’s corporate social responsibility. Therasage recognizes the responsibility towards the customers, employees, and the whole of the community with what they provide and what they do. With the most effective energy-efficient devices, Therasage tries to stay environment-friendly.

Therasage has a leading role in the corporate world. The company deals in the production of infrared devices and applications that lead you to a happy healthy life. Products come in a variety such as water purification systems, light-emitting diodes, heating pads, jewelry, EMF shield, etc.

Why Use Therasage Products

Luckily, Therasage has not restricted itself to products used for limited purposes. The products by Therasage are used to treat various health-related issues that people face in the current world. Irregular living styles, harmful eating patterns, work-life, and many other factors combined impact your health and can make you sick every day. The infrared technology used by Therasage has the following benefits:


Detoxification is no more job of just drinking water or special sauna sessions because Therasage took that to another level of advancement. The mechanism of the infrared sauna used in the products is considered the best natural way to detoxify your body. The heating effect can help you detoxify your body for a better mood, sleep, immune system, digestion, and weight.

Pain Relief

We all go through pain in our lives one way or another. Staying warm can help your body to reduce pain. Infrared heating has some similar effects. The heating sensations provided by the Therasage products make you feel comfortable when in pain. With the relaxation vibe transferred to your bones and muscles, you can relax and heal with the heat easily.

Improved Blood Circulation

Improved blood circulation helps your body stay fit and healthy overall. Infrared healing comes with the advantage of improved blood circulation which means your body is provided with more oxygen and nutrients. The process also fastens the process of wound healing or any other injury in your body by providing more nutrients to the tissue. Besides, improved blood circulation can give your body energy as well as a better skin tone.

 Stress Relieve and Better Sleep

Stress might seem like a mild inconvenience to you but it can have highly damaging effects on your overall body. From your cardiovascular system to your mental health, stress can cause very serious diseases that are hard to cure. To this rising challenge, the infrared healing system acts as an advanced solution. A wide range of Therasage products takes care of your stress management to help you stay happy and ready to face the hectic world every day.

Therasage Products- What’s Made for You?

Therasage manufactures products that are not only effective or damage-free, but easy to use also so that your wellness journey does not become a time-consuming job for you. Therefore, Therasage products can be easily used in your daily life without devoting special time for it during your daily life. If you have enough idea about the baseline technology used by Therasage and how it can do wonders to your body, let’s find out which product by Therasge can answer your wellness call:

1.  Portable Sauna – Thera360

We all know saunas as rooms with hot steam or air where you sit and relax. If you find your ultimate relaxation in a sauna, you need a sauna room no more because Thera30 by Therasage is all you need. Highly affordable as well as portable, Thera360 makes a sauna even better for you. It’s time for high-end detoxification!

Featured with Natural Earth Element Full Spectrum Infrared heating panels, the product provides a shield from EMF, ELF, and RF. What is best about this portable sauna is that it easily folds and is space-efficient. An advanced product called Thera360 plus comes with enhanced features and additions i.e. Tri-lite panels, high power, medical-grade, photon chips, advanced health coaching, and consultation after the purchase.

2.  Heating pads

Another personal health product by Thersage comes as healing pads. These pads are made with a full spectrum of deep penetrating heat that is highly effective for pain relief, immune enhancement, better circulation, and relaxation. If you are suffering from cramps and lack of sleep, then you must choose from a variety of heating pads by Therasage that come in different sizes and shapes: Large, mini, medium, square, pet-friendly, ideal for shoulders.

3. Water Purification System – TheraH2O

This unique water purification system is the result of years of research by Therasage. To make your drinking water free of lead, fluoride, contaminants, and various other impurities, TheraH2O is an effective solution. With the natural earth-stone technology, TheraH2O will provide you with the hydration that is ideal to keep your body fit and active. The infrared frequency used in the water purification system ensures to mineralize the water and maintain the PH so that you drink healthily.

4.  Air Filtration System – TherAir

We don’t usually focus on the air we breathe. With increased industrialization, our air has become polluted that goes into our bodies, and damages our overall body. Therasage has the solution for you. TheAir, made with specialized infrared photon energy, is a unique technology that conditions and hydrolyzes the air you breathe. The basic frequencies of infrared light inside this system give you more than 2,000 times the energy you get from water and, amazingly, it stays 3-5 days.

TherAir comes in two types: The professional model and the personal model.

5.  Portable Ozone Module- THERA 03

If you are looking for a product that helps your body increase oxygen and improve blood circulation to make you heal from any health condition you are facing then THERA 03 is what you need. Featured with an ozone therapy system, this product fights the harmful pathogens in your body.

Choose from the THERAO3 bubbler, THERA03 OZONE MODULE, or the Bubble dental accessory bundle.

6.  Jewellery- TheraJewels

Therasage has a fancy way to keep you healthy with the highly fashionable bracelets made with infrared technology, negative ions, Germanium, and highly powerful Neodymium. You can wear them for pain relief and stiffness without going for any special treatments. You can choose either the Biobands or the Harmoni pendants by the Therasage TheraJewels.

7. Oil Nebulizer – TherAroma

This USB Battery Operated product by Therasage is ideal to use with the diffuser or some of your oils. It boosts your energy levels and soothes your mood. The product is highly portable; either you keep it in your bag or place it in the car, you can have its aroma anywhere around you.

TherAroma products by Therasage are of two types: Portable Atomizer and the THERAESSENTIAL Oil Blend.

8. TheraProtect

Today’s high-tech environment needs high protection from the harmful frequencies all around you. Everyday useful gadgets like WIFI, cell phone, smart meters, 5G, and many other countless sources emit harmful radiations that can cause diseases to ruin your overall health.

TheraProtect uses the knowledge of bioenergetics to overcome the harmful effects of electronic gadgets. The harmonization and adaptive impact of this product on the cells in your body minimize the harmful actions caused by the EMF radiations.


Therasage presents a wide range of products that help to heal through advanced infrared healing systems. From relaxation to pain relief, improved nights of sleep to blood-circulation, Therasage brings you the best out of advanced technology made for absolute wellness.