Indian cuisine continues to grow in popularity and you can see it in the increasing number of restaurants. The exotic cuisine has become popular for its variety, flavorful spices and vibrant colors. So it’s not hard to see why people look for the best Indian restaurant in New York to dine in.

The craze for Indian food isn’t limited to those of South Asian origins. People of various nationalities all over the globe appreciate the cuisine and here’s why:

Skillful Combination Of Spices

As the land of spices, it’s no wonder Indian chefs have mastered the art of mixing spices. Spices in Indian cooking aren’t limifted to chilies or peppers. Cooks use a variety of aromatic spices to enhance the flavor of the dishes. 

Depending on the way they mix the spices, the dish may turn out to be spicy, sweet, tangy, etc. They also add color and aroma to the dish. Some spices commonly used in different dishes include cumin, coriander, turmeric, red chili, pepper, etc.

Flavorful Ingredients

When cooking, most of us tend to focus on bringing out a single flavor in the dish. We use ingredients with similar flavors to avoid a clash of flavors.

Indian cuisine goes against this instinct. Chefs use ingredients with different flavors, some of which even clash with each other. You can notice this when you order lunch specials in NYC. You may notice that every dish has more than one flavor to it. This simple difference is what makes Indian cuisine stand out from others.

Always Something New To Try

What many don’t get about Indian cuisine is that it’s not a uniform cuisine. It consists of many subcuisines that come from different parts of the seventh-largest country in the world. Every region has its unique culture. These cultures interact with each other creating new dishes constantly.

The more you dig into Indian cuisine, the more dishes you will find. You could travel all over the country and still not have had every dish it has to offer. Many of the dishes originate outside India thanks to its large diaspora.

Accommodating Different Tastes

Despite the reputation, not all dishes are curry. The large variety of dishes ensures that you can find something to your liking. If you are a chicken lover, you will find a variety of chicken dishes including butter chicken and tandoori chicken. Lamb and mutton lovers can enjoy a variety of curries and kebabs as well. Seafood lovers can enjoy many dishes made with fish, prawns and shrimps.

There’s no lack of vegetarian dishes either. From the protein-rich chole masala to the indulgent makhmal-e-kofta, you can have a pure veg buffet. Vegans might struggle because many dishes include dairy products. But vegan options are available.

Beef and pork though not mainstream due to religious reasons are not rare. Many people in the northeast and southern regions serve both.

The word curry itself refers to different types of gravies. They can be spicy and soupy or thick and creamy. You can also find many non-curry dishes.

Variety Of Sweets

India doesn’t lack for desserts, they’re often served after a spicy meal or on special occasions. A person with a sweet tooth can find a variety of sweets and desserts at a sweet shop. Some may be syrupy, dry, spongy, nutty, crunchy, flaky, etc. depending on the ingredients. Gulab jamun and kheer are just two of the most well-known ones.

Pro-Level Cooking

The reason many people don’t try cooking Indian food is the amount of time and effort that goes into them. While many dishes are simple, many require prepping like marination or soaking. You also need to be careful about the amounts, steps, etc. you use.

Don’t let this discourage you from trying some recipes at home. As long as you follow online recipes, you will be fine. You can experiment with the recipe once you get the hang of it.

Hot And Fresh

Most restaurants prepare Indian dishes from scratch rather than heating ready-made ingredients. As long as the ingredients are fresh, your dish will be healthy.