Before you invest or wish to save some money on wireless earphones, you need to think seriously about the following things.

The price of the Airdots

Price is an essential element when it comes to buying any product. The Xiaomi Airdots price in Pakistan is approximately Rs.3,499 to be accurate, however, these prices are subjected to change. This is one of the most affordable and feature-rich Airdot available in the market.

How long will the battery last?

The duration of the wireless earphone battery and the recharging device that the headphones bring is a big concern, as you can not only use them to listen to music, but also to walk on the street with them whenever you get a call. As a result, these will be utilized for a long time and away from the charging point, so that they can surprise you at the most unpredictable moment.

What is needed is strong battery life. Otherwise, the earphones will suddenly turn off when you talk to a friend or listen to your favorite music. So when ordering air dots, make sure to get a portable charging station that is easy to hold and recharge, or that it is fitted with a sensor that disconnects it from a smart device while the air dots are not in use.

Can you take it down the street?

If the ear fit is proper, you can wear the Xiaomi Airdots anywhere you go. Essentially, these air dots can be fitted seamlessly into the ear and remain inside, even while you perform complex tasks, such as changing clothes, riding a bike, or exercising at the gym. 

What size do you want them?

Suppose you want to use earphones to listen to cool music while you are at home. In that case, the best option is to get air dots. Air dots can provide a smooth quality of sound, without taking up much space. The small device can be fitted in your bag, purse, and even your pocket. However, if you are prone to losing personal items, you can explore the variety of headphones and headsets available at Dab Lew Tech.

Comfort is always a priority

Are you able to spend more than Rs.3,000 for earphones? Before you can see how they respond to our ear, it is better to try them. It’s important to see if they affect you if your ear’s structure makes complete separation, etc. Bear in mind that each individual is morphologically distinctive. Dab Lew Tech has physical stores, where you can test out these air dots before making a purchase. 

Give importance to the sound quality

If you listen to music, whether at home or on the highway, the sound quality is essential. It’s interesting to learn how the bass and the treble modulate so that high volume does not disturb your ears; whether they do it themselves or you have to turn to smartphone software or the stereo chain. In any event, quality is typically included in the price of the unit.

Does it include a microphone or not?

Are you going to use your Airdots to chat on the phone? They must have a microphone in such a situation. Be cautious not to implement several templates based on home listening.

Do you want to be able to get away from the sound source?

The most commonly deployed Bluetooth technology achieves a height of 0.03km. In many situations, due to the intrusion of metal artefacts, a dozen metres are often necessary for the reliability of the communication to be lost. 


There are substitutes with a range of more than 0.10km, but these must be integrated as a source in the broadcast station. On the other side, a range of 0.12km is reached with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, but few products implement it.

Do you want them more or less pretty?

It’s understood that many earphone consumers would want their earphones to be visually enticing so you are likely to wear them on the highway, so they’re going to add to your collection. If they are indoors, this factor could be of less weight.


After considering all the things mentioned above, you will know how to buy a wireless set of Airdots, without encountering any issue. Make your life easier with this super handy innovation available in the market.