High shipping cost is one of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment while shopping for products online. This makes products too expensive as the entire amount we need to pay while buying products increases due to shipping charges. Even if the e-commerce site provides all the useful information and good quality products, everything is in vain if the products do not get delivered in time. The shipping company plays a very important role in the timely delivery of products. Moreover, the products must be delivered to the consumers in a good package without any wear and tear.

E-commerce websites opt for a shipping solution that delivers products as fast as possible without compromising the margins. Meanwhile, if you are on an international tour and planning to ship souvenirs, make sure you choose the global courier or shipping company very carefully. It is always good to research all the options before selecting the shipping company. A perfect shipping company has a good reputation. You can ask your friends and relatives, go through the telephone directory or even search for a shipping company online. Here are a few tips for choosing the right shipping company!

Delivery Location 

Before you choose a shipping company, you must decide all the locations where you want the product or souvenir to be delivered. After this, you may want to check if the shipping company sends the products to a particular location. It is obvious that the courier company you are considering should be able to service all locations you have decided to ship; otherwise, you will have to choose different shipping companies for different locations which is more complicated and time-consuming. While you can opt for a local courier company for locally delivering their goods, you may have to choose a bigger courier company or an international shipping company if you want shipping from Dubai to USA.

Every shipping company will not be able to deliver your goods. If your product is bulky, it may require special handling. Hence, you may have to choose a company which provides such services. Similarly, if you have to deliver inflammable items, you need to opt for a company ensuring safe delivery of such items.

Delivery time

Before selecting a shipping company, you should definitely check the delivery time. If a product doesn’t reach in time, it may lose all importance. Hence, speed plays an important role while choosing a courier provider. You must choose it after analysing how much time it takes to process and deliver each shipment to your friends, relatives, or whoever you want the product to be delivered.

Access to website and Tracking status

The shipment company you choose must have a website. It must be able to give you a tracking ID or AWB number so that you can check the status of your order. With access to the mobile phone, computer and internet, almost everyone is able to track his or her shipment and delivery status. They want to know the estimated delivery date of the product. If a shipping company enables you to access their website and easily track your delivery; it is perhaps one of the best companies.

Package Size

Besides location, speed, and tracking options, the size of your product also matters while choosing a shipping company. A courier company can provide you with discounts if you are shipping a small product. However, such deals and discounts may or may not be available for a bigger package. If you have a huge product which needs to be delivered, you should discuss it with the shipping company.

Insurance Options

For international shipping such as shipping from Dubai to USA, one must always know the shipping company’s insurance options. A good shipping company gives its customers an option to insure their package, especially if the products need to be delivered in isolated regions and places known for problems with delivery. While all shipping companies do not provide such options, most reliable providers have such options.

Multiple Shipping Options

Shipping providers often provide real-time carrier rates to their clients. They also let their clients select the shipping company they prefer from a list of all your ship with. Most people prefer this option as it allows them to control how they want their goods to be shipped.

Free Shipping

If you are ordering goods online, you can opt for a free shipping option. Many e-commerce sites can deliver products at no cost; this is one of the main selling factors of online shopping sites. Many such sites entice their buyers to purchase from them by providing free shipping on some or all products. This trend is followed by them only if it doesn’t cut too much into their margins.