In the heart of Dubai’s Sustainable City neighborhood you’ll find Adam Ridgway’s humble office. It’s small, but packed front to back with brand new scooters and bicycles — ready to be sold.

Adam Ridgway is the CEO and founder of One Moto — a company that manufactures electric vehicles. “Even the guitars are electric,” he laughs as he points to the instruments on his office wall.
Ridgway launched One Moto in 2016. His mission is to transform the way we commute and receive deliveries, by replacing gas-powered motorcycles and scooters with more sustainable, electric transportation.
Ridgway says his first priority is to replace the 15,000 motorcycles that are on the road every day in Dubai. “Those 15,000 produce 16,500 tons of CO2,” he says.

For one year, this man is eating only what’s grown at Dubai’s Sustainable City
For one year, this man is eating only what’s grown at Dubai’s Sustainable City
That amount of CO2 would take around 270,000 trees 10 years to capture.
Delivery motorcycles are often overlooked as a source of greenhouse gases because they’re an inexpensive and accessible forms of transportation, he says. But with 270 million motorcycles around the world, their emissions add up.
Micromobility is the future, according to Ridgway. The term refers to lightweight, often electric individual transport intended to cover short distances.
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Consulting firm McKinsey & Company estimates that the market may be worth $300 — $500 billion within 10 years.
There are challenges associated with a micromobility transformation. The most pressing matter is that many cities don’t have the proper infrastructure, according to a report from accounting firm EY. It adds that problems can arise if these new electric modes of transportation take away from pedestrian and bicycle traffic, creating more congestion and possible safety hazards.
Already operating in the UAE, UK, Saudi Arabia and Kenya, and fresh from securing a seven-figure investment, Ridgway plans to take his company global. He wants to replace 1,500 motorcycles on Dubai’s roads by end of 2021 and by 2024, have 100,000 vehicles on the road in 100 cities around the world.
“I just want to make change,” he says. “I just want to make, ideally, a big difference in this little planet of ours.”