Selecting a perfect tile design for floors is not an easy task to do. A wrong decision can decrease the beauty of home interior. To solve this issue, you should go through these tile flooring ideas and get to know some basic differences between them.

These are the trending tile design which can enhance the look of your modern home. Here you will know different types of tiles their pattern, colour and material so you can choose easily for your flooring.

12 Popular Tile Flooring Ideas for New Homes

1. Dark Ceramic Tile

If you are bored with the white tiles in bathrooms then it’s time to make the change. Try diagonal ceramic tile in dark colour for a chic look.


2. Classic Pattern

Here you found a floor tile design for a small house. Its grid pattern makes perfect selection for small spaces which have enough sunlight.

Classic Pattern tile

3. Motif Tiles for Kitchen

Instead of choosing a simple tile design for the kitchen you can make it more interesting by installing motif style. It comes in various designs, colours and patterns.

Motif Tiles for Kitchen

4. 3-D Graphic Design Tile

These kinds of tiles have 3-D graphic design with a linear pattern. It creates an optical illusion which can make your mind get lost for hours. It can work well for bathroom flooring and also in a small living room.

5. Mosaic Tiles

This title was very popular at the time of Ancient Roman and still gaining its fan base in the contemporary world.

Mosaic tiles come in a wide variety of small regular or irregular pieces, patterns, colours and made up of various materials like marble, glass, and ceramic, etc.

Its unique character makes it number one when it comes to decorative tiles. Works for both floor design and wall in bathroom and kitchen.

6. Terrazzo Tiles

If you want to go out of league then terrazzo tiles are a good option to choose. It is made of concrete material by combining dissimilar marble chips. This expensive tile can be a great choice for a kid’s room, bathroom and kitchen.

Terrazzo Tiles

7. Sandstone

Sandstone tiles give earthy touch to your space, and come in various sizes and patterns. It is mostly used for patios, walkways and in landscaping designs.

Sandstone for flooring

8. Onyx Tiles

Only are very fragile and translucent types of stone. It can be a good choice to make a bright living room or bathroom interior.

Onyx Tiles

9. Marble Stone

Again, it is one of most popular stones when it comes to flooring. If you want to use it for the living room floor then go with large size marble pieces in white colour. It will give the space an elegant look.

You also consult interior designers in Ahmedabad to help in choosing proper marvel colour and design that matches your home interior.

Marble Stone for floor

10. Vitrified Tiles

It is the most commonly used tile for living rooms. If you compare ceramic tile with vitrified tiles you will find that both are completely similar expect, vitrified has silica in it. It is very smooth, waterproof and easy to install.

Vitrified Tiles

11. Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are handmade tiles that come in various colours, patterns and highly durable. It is also known as hydraulic tiles and very popular among the Indian homeowners.

Cement Tiles


12. Busy Floor Tiles

These types of geometrical shape tiles can be best for small space. Use it for small rooms or small bathrooms, etc.

Busy Floor Tiles

These are tiles chosen for Indian homes, tell us the comment which one you prefer for your space.