Google made Google Classroom for simplifying learning, distributing, and grading assignments. Because of this pandemic situation, everyone is trapped in their home, and students are one from them. Everything is stopped, and it’s said that no one will come near to one another. That’s why students are forced to stay home and told to study from home.

That’s why there was a demand for a platform so that students can get in touch with their teachers and friends. Rapid Miner Homework Help  For this purpose, Google Classroom was made. So, Google classroom lets teachers teach from home by organizing classes. We’ve provided information regarding how students can send assignments in google classroom. This guideline on sending assignments in Google Classroom for the personal computers, Android, and iOS.

About Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an online site design by Google for students and teachers. It intends to simply create, share files, upload, and grade assignments where the paper is not needed. Google Classroom’s primary goal is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.

To send an assignment, first, a student has to create an assignment, and to do that; they can follow the steps we have given below:

Make an Assignment:

  1. You have to Sign-in to Google Classroom first.
  2. After that, click on the class.
  3. Then, at the bottom, click on Add, and after that, click send assignment.
  4. Then enter the title and any instructions if needed.

Modify assignment due Time and Date:

For changing the due assignment date or Time, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Next to Due Tomorrow, press the Down arrow button.
  2. Click on the date and choose your assignment date.
  3. For setting due Time, click Time and type Time.
  4. For making an assignment with no due date, press the Due date and click on Remove next to the date.

Add anything to an assignment:

You can add attachments like Drive files, YouTube videos, or attachments to your assignment.

  1. To transfer a file, click on Attach file, select the document you want to transfer, and click Upload.
  2. For adding a Drive item, a record or structure:
  • Click the Drive.
  • Choose the item and click Add.

      3.To select how students communicate with an attachment, press the Down button

      near the attachment and then choose a choice:

  • Documents can be used by learners: students can browse the record but not convert it.
  • The paper can be updated by students: students can make modifications to the document.
  • For each individual, repeat: Students get a specific copy of the record they can alter.
  1. 4. To attach a YouTube video, press YouTube and then Add YouTube video after

that, pick an alternative:

  • To look for a video to link:
  • Press the Video search.
  • Type the keywords in the research bar.
  • Click the video you want to add, then add it.
  • To add a video interface:
  • Click URL.
  • Enter the URL and click Add.
  1. 5. Attach attachment, click Link, enter the URL, and then click Add.
  2. 6. To extract an attachment, click close to the attachment.

Send an assignment to different classes:

  • At the bottom, press the Down button near the name of the class.
  • Check the box near the class you have to be included in.

The most efficient way to submit a task on Android from Google Classroom:

  • Tap on the classroom and then press the classroom button.
  • Press Connect, then the Task tab.
  • Specify the title and any instructions.

Add anything to an assignment:

You should provide your assignment with Drive notes, attachments, photographs, or YouTube recordings.

  1. Press Connect to move a folder, pick a record, and then click Upload.
  2. To connect an object to a disc, click Drive, click the item, and then click Pick.
  3. To choose how to bind students to an attachment, press Preview near the attachment and choose a choice:
  • Students can make adjustments if necessary: students can make corrections to the document.
  • Students will see the record: the paper can be checked by students, but not converted.
  • For each pupil, make a copy: Students get a specific copy of the document that they can modify.
  1. Click the link to join an attachment enter the URL and then click Add.
  2. To link to a document, press Upload.
  3. Click Screen, take or choose a picture and then click OK to enter a photo.
  4. Click the YouTube to add a video to link to a YouTube video and select an option:


In this blog, we have listed the suitable steps for how to send an assignment in Google classroom. Ms Office homework help Follow these steps sequentially so that you can sucessfully send your assignments to your tutors. If you face any issue with it, comment us in the comment section, and we will resolve your query in the best possible way.