Are you looking for tips to learn spoken English? You are not alone. This language has become increasingly popular among tourists and travelers. People of different countries talk about this language, including Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. To speak in a foreign tongue brings excellent benefits. Learn spoken English classes in Dubai that you can use in daily use to help you improve your pronunciation and grammar skills. It is better to memorize the vocabulary and sentence structures than to rely on a book or audiotape. You could even use the Internet to search for resources regarding these topics. You can visit sites like As you learn new words and sentences, you will gradually improve your ability to speak the language.

 Here are six tips to help you learn Spoken English.


Self-Initiation – 

  • The first step to learn English is self-initiation, and these steps will begin at home. Try listening to recorded conversations using American or British English. Repeat the sentences and phrases several times. This drill will help you get used to the accent and vocabulary of this language.


Read and Speak –

  •  Try reading passages about speaking and reading in this language with a friend or coworker’s assistance. Listen to them speak these passages. This will give you an idea of how others are saying, and you will be able to apply the same strategies when speaking. Finally, use a software program called Rosetta Stone to help you practice speaking. With these six easy tips to learn spoken English, you will be speaking in no time.



Work on Vocabulary –

  • If you have come to the point that you want to learn spoken English, but you are not entirely comfortable with English or do not say it well, you should consider learning your mother tongue. Your mother tongue may be completely different from English, but it will be close enough to enable you to understand the conversation. Also, your mother tongue will give you a head start on vocabulary and grammar.
spoken english classes in dubai
spoken english classes in dubai


Structuring of Sentences – 

  • One of the essential tips to learn spoken English is sentence structure. Most people construct their sentences in the same way. For example, the basic sentence structure in English is subject – verb – object. You can modify this basic structure by adding a verb at the end of the sentence: “I did” is “being.” However, if you do not want to add a verb, you can drop the subject and raise the object.



Learn Tenses –

  • Another tip to learn spoken English is that you should always start in the present tense. The future tense loses its force as compared to the past. Also, always keep your sentences short and straightforward. Long sentences create stress, so it is better to avoid using them altogether.




  • The essential part of any language learning process is listening. If you do not listen to the language you speak, it will be tough to learn it. Listening to a language involves being able to hear and understand how someone is saying it. Of course, you should also try to know what they are saying in their own words as well.

If you follow these simple tips to learn spoken English, you will notice that your understanding skills get better every day. However, it is also essential to be realistic. There is no such thing as perfect English, and everybody has their own set of rules regarding the usage of English in daily use sentences.

It is also necessary to understand the meaning of a sentence. For example, it is wrong to assume that the word ‘to be’ always means ‘is.’ ‘To be’ should always be coupled with the definite object in the sentence. This will help you understand the basic principle of grammar.

These tips to learn spoken English will not serve any purpose if you do not practice what you know. If you have daily practice in your mother tongue, it will be easier for you to improve your speaking skill. Even if you have mastered some sentences in your mother tongue, it will never harm you to learn some sentences from an English language course.