People always seem to be unaware of the term “pink slip inspection test” as they have no knowledge about it. The procedure where a reliable, authorized inspector checks your vehicle for whether or not it can be classed as roadworthy is what eSafety check is for a pink slip.

The inspector judge whether or not your vehicle is able to be driven on the road as the set of checks is in different regions of the vehicle. These all together combine to form the eSafety check or pink slip inspection.

How mandatory is it to pass the pink slip inspection test?

It is extremely important to pass your pink slip inspection test. You need to have to get your car fixed and do other things that you are directed to do if you fail your test. You will end up having to pay a hefty fine of thousands of dollars if you are continuing to drive your car without getting it inspected.

How do you determine a vehicle roadworthy?

Any car that passes the pink slip Newtown inspection test is considered roadworthy according to the definition. As long as it does not have any problem causing it to break down in the middle of the journey, the vehicle is considered roadworthy.

The main issues causing a vehicle not to function in a proper manner, thereby rendering them unworthy to be on the road, are leaking fluid containers, brake failures, faults in the engine, etc.

Things you need to pass the eSafety test

The following are the areas of the vehicle that are inspected thoroughly in a regular pink slip inspection:

  • Engine Condition and Functioning
  • Exhaust System
  • Seatbelts
  • Lights
  • Brakes and Brake Fluid
  • Containers
  • Canterbury spray painting
  • Vehicle Exterior
  • Tires

Your vehicle will not have any issues in passing the pink slip inspection as long as all of the aforementioned features of your vehicles are in operating order with the help of hiring a restoration shop. Just in case you need to be sure that you pass the test, we have prepared a pink slip checklist:

Pink Slip Checklist:

To be sure, ensure that you have gone through the following pink slip checklist to be sure. However, this list highly increases the chances of passing the test, but it does not give you a complete guarantee to it.

1- Make sure that your seatbelts are functioning properly

Just in case of a collision, seatbelts are one of the most important parts of the vehicle that protects you. Test them over and over and also through professionals as you find the right smash repairs shop, make sure they are functioning properly.

2- Make sure your vehicle has properly lit lights

You should have proper working lights in your vehicle. To make you or the other person not notice anything, they should not be dim enough. The intensity of the light should also not be too high to blind the people who are in front of you.

 3- Vehicle Body precautions:

The body of your car should be in good condition. If there are any heavy dents, ensure you are taking care of them in a proper way and also get rid of that rust if possible.

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4- Check your engines

The pivotal part of the pink slip Newtown inspection is the engine of the vehicle. The engine is checked in-and-out by the inspector. Make sure that there is no overheating of the engine; it is not leaking any fuel, not consuming too much fuel, and is working properly.

5- Check the levels of fluid

You should always be maintaining the levels of fluid in a proper manner. There should be no leakage in the containers even.

6- Tyre Condition:

You are good to go as long as the tires are not of bad quality that can cause them to burst or puncture immediately.