Lead generation can be a pain. You have to craft leads from leads, budget from the budget, and make sure the leads actually want what you’re selling. It’s a lot of work, but hey – it’s a job just like a 9-5! Sometimes you just need a little break from your day job and that’s where lead generation comes in to save the day.

Here are the top10 B2B lead generation strategies that can help ease the pain associated with finding new customers for your business.

1) HubSpot Inbound Marketing HubSpot is one of those companies you’ve probably caught wind of before, but never paid much attention to. Now, the company is back with a whole new series of cool features that are helping businesses get more leads. Think of HubSpot as an all-in-one solution for managing your content marketing efforts. It simplifies lead generation for users by allowing them to create landing pages, manage their email marketing, track the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns, and so much more.

2) Marketing Automation Many people have heard of marketing automation but aren’t quite clear on what it is or how it works. With so many different tools to choose from out there, it can be difficult to find just the right one for your business. Marketing automation consists of delivering personalized information to prospective customers without you having to lift a finger. It’s a highly technical practice so it’s not something you can just throw together, but if you have a specific channel or website that you want to focus on, marketing automation is a great way to get started.

3) Guides and Tips You’ve probably noticed that while some people think all they need to do to generate leads is write a few blog posts, others have very little idea on how lead generation works. If someone is new to the business of generating leads then you might find that they need a quick learning resource that goes into detail about growing their business. You can create these guides and tips from scratch or use an existing guide from online marketing company Tenon.

4) Long Form Content Display ads and short-form content used to be the most popular way to get new customers. These days, long-form content is all the rage. Long-form content is essentially just any blog post that is more than 1,500 words. You can just as easily turn your existing blog posts into long-form content as you can specifically create long-form blog posts as a lead generation strategy.

5) Video Blogging Ever heard of Periscope? Well, if not – it’s a nifty little social media app that allows users to stream video directly from their smartphones or computers. Periscope is a platform with a lot of potentials, but it’s been almost entirely overlooked by businesses in favor of more popular social media platforms. If you run a business that has physical products or services to sell, it’s a great place to start sharing information and promoting your products.

6) LinkedIn Speaking of social media, LinkedIn is another site that is very popular with professionals and thought leaders in any given industry. Even though most people think of LinkedIn as an “old-school” website for professionals, you can still use it to generate leads via updates and Q&A content.

7) Case Studies Business is all about building credibility and trust with your customers. Case studies are a great way to share the benefits of your products or services without appearing too pushy or spammy.

8) Podcasting Podcasting is the next big thing in terms of how people communicate these days. There are hundreds of different podcasts out there for you to choose from, but Toptal’s survey shows that they are most popular for businesses looking to attract high-quality leads. However, it’s important to make sure that you have a following on your favorite podcast site before putting out any content. It may be worth putting in some more time and effort into building up an audience before considering podcasting as a lead generation strategy.

9) Content Writing Ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I know how this content article should look now that I think about it”? If so – you may be a good candidate for content writing. Content writers create long-form blog posts and articles, but they also reach out to experts and experts in the field and create guest posts for them. From there they may ask if they can republish the piece on their own blog or website, which is a good opportunity for business owners to gain new customers.

10) Lead Generation Website Another way that you can generate leads is to use your website as another way to identify people looking for services like yours. You can set up a landing page, or create an entire website that serves as a lead generation tool. This is something that you should spend some more time thinking about before getting started. For example, if your product is fairly simple to explain via text then you may not need to go through the trouble of creating an entire website.


As you can see, there are plenty of different ways you can approach lead generation for your business. Now that you know the ins and outs of these strategies it is up to you to find which one is the best fit for your brand. Happy lead generation!