Welcome once again to our blog Youtreex, The City of Information. Today we will talk about some famous poets of India, those who have been related to writing poetry in Urdu and Hindi while living in India. Wherever Urdu and Hindi poets are talked about in India as well as the world in the 21st century, then names like Mirza Ghalib, Gulzar and Mir Taqi Mir comes in front of you. Together these great people made a new India. Even in today’s time, our country is known for all these writers.

Top 11 Famous Poets of India

Let’s know about those who left their separate identity in the world while living and told everyone that even without money, a name can be earned. About whom we are going to tell, then let us tell you that he chose a different industry which was a new job according to that time. At that time there was no such outbreak of writers in India. Some writers chose a new line and made it so famous that it is a part of Indian culture today. We are providing certified information you in this table about some great poets who have given a new twist to the world of poems, on which you can also give your feedback.

Name Birth Anniversary Death Anniversary Birthplace Deathplace
Mirza Ghalib 27 December 1797 15 February 1869 Agra, India Delhi, India
Mir Taqi Mir February 1723 21 September 1810 Agra, India Lucknow, India
Faiz Ahmad Faiz 13 February 1911 20 November 1984 Narowal, Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan
Muhammad Iqbal 9 November 1877 21 April 1938 Sialkot, Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan
Sampooran Singh Kalra(Gulzar) 18 August 1934 —- Dina, Pakistan —-
Rahat Indori 1 January 1950 11 August 2020 Indore, India Indore, India
Bashir Badr 15 February 1935 —- Faizabad, India —-
Nida Fazli 12 October 1938 8 February 2016 Delhi, India Mumbai, India
Munawwar Rana 26 November 1952 —- Rae Bareli, India —-
Kumar Vishwas 10 February 1970 —- Pilkhuwa, India —-
Jaun Elia 14 December 1931 8 November 2002 Amroha, India Karachi, Pakistan

Famous Indian Poets of 21st Century

These are some of our famous writers. Some of them are still showing their art to the world and those who are not with us today, we definitely remember them once a year. If you liked this information, then share it on social media and also make your friends and family aware of this article. Soon we will come up with the next topic and in that we will tell you about the famous Indian poets of the 21st century. If you have any information or news related to this article, then you can contact us or tell us in the comment box.

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