Due to the advancement of the digital world, businesses have multiple ways to connect and build a relationship with online users. However, despite the rise of digital marketing techniques, the importance of traditional business cards cannot be overlooked. As per reports, when you hand over your business cards, you’ll notice at least 5% growth in the revenue of your business. 

While operating your business in the digital world, this statistic might not impress you as it’s not a substantial number. However, keep in mind that you’ll be able to generate the revenue within a couple of months. Not to mention, you can also notice a boost in the sales of your business. Some business owners prefer this traditional marketing technique over anything and use the business cards at various trade shows and promotional events and also social media marketing

Here are the top 3 effective yet simple business cards ideas to boost your advertising strategy. 

Make Sure the Design is Simple

While creating or designing your business cardskeep in mind that you have limited space on the cards and you have to put some necessary business information. Many business owners include so many pieces of information on their business cards that they end up developing unattractive designs or layouts. Just because you’re designing your business cards to make them look eye-catching doesn’t mean you need to fill the entire card with business information. Business cards with simple designs will generate much more impact than messy ones. 

If you don’t know what type of design or layout will look good, consider going through a business card design template online. This way you can choose a layout that is relevant to your brand. Also checkout some Inspiring Stories if you are building your brand.

Include Your Photo

Including your photo might feel like a cringe step, but this is helpful. In your business industry, you’re not the only one using business cards. Most of your competitors are also leveraging the benefits of business cards to grow their brand. As per Brandingmag, branding will increase the value of your business. Therefore, you need to make sure your business cards stand apart from your competitors and one of the best ways to achieve that is by including a recent professional photo of yourself. Including the photos is extremely important if you are providing a digital business card to potential customers and clients via email. This way they can recognize you as the chairman of your company while searching for your business online to know more information. 

Include Essential Links

Many business owners don’t include the essential business links on the business cards. They assume that as the links are not clickable, people will avoid engaging with them. However, this is wrong. Even though the links on your professional business cards are not clickable, you still need to include the social media handles and the business website on the cards. This way your potential clients and customers will be able to look you up online and learn more about the potential aspects. Also, check out- Write for us business.

Professional business cards are one of the best ways to encourage people to find you and follow you on social media platforms. This way you can generate business leads and develop strong brand awareness. 

If you’re looking to start a web business, you might want to try to create business name or use a name generator to find a great name


These are the top 3 business card ideas to promote your marketing strategy. Whether you’re an budding entrepreneur or a successful business person, you need to use well-designed and effective business cards to boost the exposure of your company.