The city of Dubai offers various options of legal services, considering the large number of families residing in it. Well, this provision has its pros and cons. You don’t have to keep searching in different cities for a perfect lawyer. There are many good family lawyers in Dubai. Yet on the downside, you will have to choose the best family lawyer in Dubai from a huge number, and due to an abundance of options, you might end up choosing the wrong lawyer and the last thing you want to do. Family lawyers help clients with personal cases, like child custody or divorce, that might be very important to the latter. Of course, the way your lawyer deals with the case will determine the verdict of your case.

5 Important Qualities to Look for in a Lawyer

It is definitely a challenge to find the best family lawyer in Dubai, but you don’t have to worry. We can help you. While searching for a family lawyer in Dubai you should look for certain characteristics that assure the quality of the lawyer’s work. In this article we will be discussing those specific characteristics:

1.Listens to the client

Most often it can be seen that lawyers do all the talking during consultation and don’t give a chance to the clients to speak out about their issue properly. Even if the client does, the lawyers don’t take enough time to listen to it. They get a vague idea of what the case is about and tend to proceed further. If the lawyer you are interviewing does the same, you should not be wasting your time anymore with him/her. Start searching for another lawyer in Dubai. The lawyer might have years of experience, however, he will not be able to build effective strategies without listening to your part. Therefore, the chances of winning the case will be lesser. A good family lawyer should promote two-way communication.


Integrity is one of the most important qualities that a family lawyer should have. While looking for a family lawyers in Dubai make sure that you consult lawyers who are truthful, honest, open-minded, and non-judgemental. In short, your lawyer should have integrity. A dishonest lawyer cannot bring any positive outcome out of your case. An ideal lawyer should listen to you, be truthful and reason with you whenever required, and then help you reach a mutual agreement.

3.Manages the Calendar

Family law proceedings mean a lot of events and hearings at the court during a case. A great family lawyer will be mindful of that and will take the time to manage his/her calendar and ensures that he/she does not fail to attend any important event connected to the case. When the lawyer does that it means he/she respects the time and money of the client. It also is the biggest indicator of his/her dedication towards the case.

4.Customize strategy for the clients

Evidently, the requirement of one client will differ from another. Therefore, no same process can be applied to different client cases. A lawyer who tries to apply the exact same processes and procedures for all the cases is not only unreliable but they are also inviting unnecessary troubles that might result in additional costs, all of which the clients will have to deal with.

When a family lawyer customizes strategies as per the client’s requirements and needs, the proceedings of the case will go smoothly without inviting any trouble and other aspects that can incur extra costs. 

5.Communication Skills

If there is anything that should take place regularly between the client and the lawyer, then it is effective communication skills. A lawyer who can’t effectively communicate his strategies to a client is not at all reliable. A good lawyer should be able to make the clients understand the various strategies and aspects of the case in simple terms. This way, the clients can feel much more confident about their case and even ask to make amendments if necessary.

So, the aforementioned were the top 5 characteristics that you should be looking for while hunting for a family lawyer in Dubai. As mentioned earlier, you will be able to find many lawyers in Dubai, but not all might possess these qualities. You will have to strictly check for these characteristics while interviewing the lawyers. You can strengthen your search by going through the online reviews of clients or by asking your friends or colleagues who have been served by family or divorce lawyers.